Climate change and your sex - is there a link?

[Australian] GREENS candidate for Williamstown Janet Rice has told of her husband's decision to become a woman. Ms Rice last night confirmed her partner's male-to-female gender transition after 17 years of marriage. Ms Rice, endorsed by the Greens to contest ex-premier Steve Bracks' bayside seat, told the Herald Sun her husband, Peter Whetton, became Penelope four years ago. "It was certainly challenging because we were happily married, but we are still happily married," she said.

"It's certainly been a big thing for us to go through but we got through it. "Yes, we're still happily married, yes, we still love each other." Ms Rice would not say whether Dr Whetton had undergone gender reassignment surgery. "She socially transitioned four years ago but other than that, it's our private life. "As far as the world is concerned, Peter became Penny four years ago. It's my private life." Dr [Penelope, I think] Whetton is a climate change researcher with the CSIRO. She has led its climate impact and risk research team since 2005. Source.

MK - Do I see hands being raised for funds [taxpayer off course] to conduct years of research into this vital question? Italics - Mine.

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