And the dumbest excuse of the year goes to...

Australian rugby league great Andrew Johns says the ecstasy tablet he was caught with in London was pushed into a pocket of his jeans at a crowded club by an "unknown" person. "Johns said today he recalled an unknown person pushing a tablet into his jeans at a crowded entertainment venue last Sunday - his last day in the United Kingdom following a six weeks overseas holiday." Source.

MK - Come on, this fellow has to be a moron and a lying sack of crap. A moron because he obviously thinks we'll buy that story and/or he is dumb enough to believe that an organic vitamin salesman was walking around groping folks and leaving samples. A lying sack of crap because it's a bald faced lie, think about it, if some "stranger" walked up to you and put his hand into your pocket, apart from putting your elbow into his face, the first thing you'd think of is, the wallet, and if that's safe, what the hell did he put in there?

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