Her list of allies grows thin

Her comments came a day after Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi said during a speech that, "Hamas exists. It's a complex structure that we should help to evolve, but this should be done with transparency." He said that dialogue should be pursued. "One must push for dialogue so that it happens, and not shut anyone out of dialogue." Meanwhile, in Britain, Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee released a report Monday calling on London to begin talking directly with Hamas, Hizbullah and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and continue engaging Iran and Syria because their influence could no longer be ignored. The report criticized Britain's role in the international boycott of Hamas, saying it had contributed to the collapse of the unity government in the Palestinian territories. Source
The British government has blocked almost one third of British military exports to Israel this year, citing possible threats to regional stability and fears the equipment might facilitate human rights violations. Outside of government, the opposition Liberal Democrat party has called for a rethinking of arms sales to Israel, while in May the UK's Legal Services Commission, the state agency that provides funding for attorney's fees for indigent defendants, agreed to underwrite the costs of litigation brought by a Palestinian man in a British court seeking a ban on arms sales to Israel. Source

MK – All this waffling about dialogue is just code for appeasing and weaseling Hamas back into the spotlight, they are angling to reward violence and intransigence at the cost of Israeli lives and also Palestinian lives. Take your eye off leftists and in no time, they’ll be coddling terrorists and making life easy for them, take away arms from Israel and who benefits the most. Also this thing about indigent defendants in the UK, I didn’t know the UK taxpayer is paying for this. Wow, is there anything they don’t pay for? No wonder so many of these jihadist parasites are gathering there, what with all these infidels forced to pay for their own way into oblivion.

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