Virginia Tech - Second Report

Here's the first report, don't ask me what the difference between the two is. So after four months of navel gazing, meetings, hand-holding, singing kumbaya, pie graphs and flow charts, this is pretty much all they got.
"Warning the students, faculty and staff might have made a difference. However, the report concluded that while alerts might have helped students and faculty to protect themselves or alert authorities of suspicious activity, a lockdown of the 131 buildings on campus was not feasible. Gunman Seung-Hui Cho was also an insider, a student with an ID card to access campus buildings and the ability to get the same messages as everyone else. He could have gained access to a dormitory or begun shooting people in the open, the report said. The governor's panel sharply critiqued the university's counseling center, where Cho was referred for treatment in 2005 after a stretch of bizarre behavior and concerns that he was suicidal. The panel concluded that the counseling center failed to provide needed support and services to Cho, due to a lack of resources, misinterpretation of privacy laws and passivity. The report said the university's emergency response plan was deficient in several respects... It also did not include a threat assessment team. Source.
In summary, all that's needed is more couches and some sort of "emergency grab ankles and find a desk to hide under" plan. After four months all these brainiacs could come up with is that a fellow who murdered 32 people was just looking for a couch, a hug, someone to tell him he was special and a 1800-i'm-feelin-homicidal number. They just cannot fathom that there are people out there who just like to kill people, like some of us like to cook or drive or play golf. They just like to watch you die, to put a bullet in your head or to drag a knife across your throat and the response is not hugs and kisses.

What's worse is that no one with half a brain believes this BS and I'll show you why. Go and flood Virginia Tech with counselors, get a hundred emergency plans and threat assessment teams, throw in couches and suicide hotlines until everyone is sick to the back teeth of being mothered. Then you call their reception one fine morning and tell em' you're coming with an AK-47, extra mags and all that and you're going to send them all to hell, sit back and watch them scatter like rats. The counselors and social workers will be the first to flee.

Perhaps I'm being too harsh on them, after all 32 people are dead and many injured and scarred, someone will have to do a report and we can hardly expect them to report that there is little the authorities can do. We can hardly expect them to come back and say, sorry folks, all we can say is, we cannot protect you, go and get yourself a gun, learn to use it, watch your back, grow a pair, make a stand, learn to draw fast, be prepared to fight for your freedom, it's hard but that's life.

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