'Shape up or we're shipping out'

"PRIME Minister John Howard has warned the Iraqi Government that unless it makes faster progress towards resolving the country's political differences it faces the prospect of Australian troops withdrawing."
Fair enough--Maliki et al are behaving the way they are because they have the protection of Western troops. Time to concentrate their minds on the consequences if those troops withdraw.

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  1. I suppose it all depends on the motives behind the move. If it's a genuine attempt at encouraging a responsible movement from the Iraqi Government then I agree with you, that it's fair enough.

    If, on the other hand, it is, as some suggest (cynically), an election ploy from Howard (and a confusing one), then it's another case altogether.

    It's also worrying how the above correspondence etc. was leaked to the Australian to begin with. I'm sure we all have our suspicions how that happened.

    It's a tough situation for Howard to deal with and I doubt any move he could make would be supported by some people. However, that's something he has to live with after he's gotten himself into it. I, for one, lost any trust in Howard a long time ago.


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