Sharia it will have to be

While I was browsing through some car ads on the internet the other day, one particular ad caught my attention; some fellow was desperate to sell his car because he was relocating to the UK. I couldn’t help but think, you sure you want to relocate to the UK ol chap, I have a feeling he might be putting together a similar such ad in the near future.
CLIMATE change protesters last night threatened to make Scotland their next target as demonstrators battling against a new runway at Heathrow clashed with police. Up to 1,000 eco-warriors later blockaded airport operator BAA's offices at the climax of a "day of action" after a week-long camp. A number of the campaigners were involved in scuffles with riot squads and a police officer was thrown from his horse by a missile-throwing protester. Source.

Robberies at knifepoint have more than doubled in the last two years to an alarming 175 a day, a study revealed. The revelation follows a weekend of knife violence, including the death of 16-year- old GCSE student Andrew Holland and two fatal stabbings in London. A study compiled from Government figures showed the number of street robberies involving blades rose from 25,500 in 2005 to 64,000 in the year to April 2007. This means there were 175 robberies at knifepoint in England and Wales every day last year - up from 110 the year before and 69 in 2004-5. Source.

My neighbours and I have come to dread the warm summer nights. Just when you want to open the windows and let a cool breeze blow away the heat of the London day, they're out there - sometimes up to ten of them - gathered at the gates of the park opposite our houses. Razor-sharp haircuts, the souped-up hatchbacks with blaring music, the shouted f-and c-words, the obligatory cans of booze bought from the local 24-hour shop. They're often there till 2am, despite the fact that some of them are only 14. You'd think we'd be confident enough to tell them to go away.

After all, this isn't a run-down estate in Kirkby or Handsworth or Peckham. This is a garden square in one of the 'coolest' and, many would say, most respectable parts of inner London. Its residents include an eminent architect, a senior diplomat, the founder of one of Britain's leading software companies and a professor at a top university. I'm no vigilante myself, having spent much of my life as a journalist in the liberal Press. Normally people like us are some of the most vocal in the land. Yet we have become afraid. Source.
Sharia it will have to be. I mean, if the lefties in charge can’t keep the streets safe and the Conservatives in the UK can’t pull themselves together to give the citizens a decent alternative; besides it’s not like lefties will vote for Conservatives, we know they’re stupid enough to think Conservatives are worse than the Jihadis, so who else are these liberal morons going to turn to.

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