They got lucky

PASSERS-BY have been praised for coming to the aid of two female police officers who were assaulted by a man believed to be high on the drug ice in western Sydney. The Bankstown constables went to a car dealership yesterday afternoon after receiving reports of a man causing problems. Police said a 28-year-old man, who appeard to be high on ice, became aggressive and violent. He was sprayed with capsicum spray, which had no effect and then assaulted them before trying to take a gun from one of the officers. He pushed one officer into a parked car, making her hit her head and drop her baton. The man picked up the baton and was about to hit her with it when he was restrained by up to 10 passers-by, including a motorist who stopped his vehicle and ran across six lanes of traffic to help. Source.

Update - Just listening to the car dealer speaking to Radio 2GB, apparently the fellow wasn't affected by ice, he was schizophrenic and his medication had worn off.

MK - Firstly, good on the public for stepping in, good to see there are folks out there with a bit of spine and who are not willing to look the other way. Secondly, why are two female officers on duty together? It's all well and good to have equality of the sexes, however a woman against a crazed drug addict is asking for trouble, what if there were two or three such fellows causing trouble, these women were lucky the public stepped in. A few seconds delay here or there, this fellow could have got their guns, shot them both and then turned on the public who dared to step in. Here's a suggestion, and I know the lefties will be squealing over this, the next time two officers, male or female encounter this sort of thing, one pull out the capsicum spray, the other pull the gun, if the spray doesn't work, try bullets. Lower the tax burden too.

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