The Rudd Strip Club Fiasco

By now some of you mave have heard about our federal opposition leader Kevin Rudd and his jaunt in a New York strip club a while back. At the time I didn't make much of it apart from commenting at another blog that Kevin Rudd probably lost the Christian vote over this, since he's been pushing himself as some sort of boy scout, leftist Christian or something. Well things have changed a bit, this is what's being pushed forward as an explanation for this jaunt.
The owner of New York strip club Scores says Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd did not even stay long enough to finish his beer and urged his companions to leave during a brief boozy visit four years ago. Mr Rudd, Labor MP Warren Snowdon and the New York Post's Australian editor Col Allan went to Scores during a night out in Manhattan in September 2003.

Scores boss Elliot Osher says Mr Rudd behaved like a gentleman throughout the brief visit. And he says neither Mr Rudd, Mr Snowdon or Mr Allan touched the dancers or were thrown out of the club. Mr Osher said it was Mr Rudd who asked his group to leave. "I guess when he sat down he kind of realised it was a strip club and he said 'Oh no, this won't do'," he said. Source.
Not surprisingly, the 'unbiased' leftie News channel ABC is also pushing this line of explanation, incidentally one of their former employees is now running as a member of Kevin Rudd's Labor party. Well, thank God for talkback radio, it would appear that Kevin Rudd and his team of advisors seem to be a bit loose with the truth. Listen to the following highlights from Radio 2GB's Ray Hadley morning show. In summary, we have two sources confirming that the strip club owner initially said that it was Col Allan who wanted to leave the club and Kevin Rudd wanted to stay, he also said that it was Kevin Rudd and Warren Snowdon were the ones who were rowdy, snotty and uppity. However since then the strip club owner has changed his story and this is what the ABC is now conveniently running with.

Sounds like someone got to the strip club owner and helped him to 'refresh' his memory. Also regarding this impression we get that Kevin Rudd didn't realise it was a strip club, see the pictures below, can you tell what sort of club it is after you've walked in or do you need some breasts swinging in your face to help you make up your mind?

Stay tuned folks, I think there will be more coming tomorrow.

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