Life in Gaza

Remember a few days ago I posted about certain European governments or bodies there were itching for some terrorist coddling, well let's have a look at what life is like under your friendly local Hamas government. Here's a summary from an article written by Jonathan Schanzer -
Muzzling the Media - In fact, Hamas now controls all electronic media in Gaza, except one radio station linked to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), another Iran-backed terrorist organization.
Beating Demonstrators - Hamas has now banned unlicensed demonstrations in Gaza by the Fatah party.
Disintegration of Law - The militiamen took the lawyer’s affidavit at gunpoint. Similarly, when the EF recently stormed the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions headquarters, raised the green Hamas flag over the building, and “nationalized” it, the Federation could do nothing.
Killing Political Rivals - During the Hamas assault on Gaza in July, according to a Palestinian human-rights group, some 160 Palestinians were killed, including 45 civilians, and 800 were wounded.
Islamizing the Police - Tellingly, the Hamas Executive Force that has been beating demonstrators and banning free press held a teach-in two weeks ago on being a Muslim policeman.
Al Qaeda Links? In 2006, Hamas Interior Minister Said Sayyam stated that he would not order the arrests of operatives who carried out attacks against Israel.
The Gaza Strip has never been idyllic. But, under Hamas, as one New York Times reporter notes, “Gaza looks like Somalia: broken and ravenous.” Read the whole article.
It seems the more violent and intransigent you are, the more the fools around the world want to snuggle up to you. It's either that, or the Eurabians realize that one day this same violence and intolerance will be at their front door, best score as many brownie points as you can in the hope they might go easy on you on that day.

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