You Know What They Say About an Elephant's Trunk ...

Matt Drudge has a hilarious, yet thought-provoking quip from Michele Zipp, the editor of Playgirl, who confesses her affiliation as a Republican.
How could a member of the media who produces adult entertainment for women possibly side with conservatives from the red states? Zipp spells it out. "Those on the right are presumed to be all about power and greed – two really sexy traits in the bedroom. They want it, they want it now, and they’ll do anything to get it. And I’m not talking about some pansy-assed victory, I’m talking about full on jackpot, satisfaction for all."

"The Democrats of the Sixties were all about making love and not war while a war-loving Republican is a man who would fight, bleed, sacrifice, and die for his country. Could you imagine what that very same man would do for his wife in the bedroom?" asks Zipp.
Well, if a man has an elephant's trunk, you know what they'd say ... ;O)

(Hat-tip: Taranto)

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