I'd like my koala medium rare

In the spirit of fascist pigs everywhere, I'm supporting International Eat an Animal for PETA Day today.
How can I help the animals be free? The quickest way to freedom for any genetically altered bio-organic food source is not the sporadic releasing of these defenceless creatures into the wild. It's through my lower intestine. Preferably with a cleansing ale.

So let PETA know you care too. Set a cow free. Or a sheep. Perhaps some tasty lamb. Pork cutlets need to be free. So do all the chickens. Let the quails go. Along with the horses, the kangaroos, camels, emus, wombats, and all those small tasty non-descriptive endangered mammals. I promise to treat my steak ethically. I'll ensure it's horns are off and it's ass is wiped before I pour my green pepper sauce on it.

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