Take Your Medicine!

They just hate the way we simply refuse to roll over and take our medicine, don’t they? Apparently, the UN Human Rights Committee are waving the slapping paddle again, because we haven’t opened the flood gates. Evil, fascist Australia!

And all is proved:
A UN committee has found an Iraqi asylum seeker and his son had their human rights violated when they were held in Australian immigration detention.
Oh really? Based on what? Why, yet another Abu Ghraibesque fairytale, of course:

Mr Badan said he joined a hunger strike at the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney on July 24, 2000, and claimed two days later his electricity was cut off and he was deprived of contact with the outside world.

"Allegedly drugged bottled water was supplied," the UN report said.

"Guards were alleged to have forcibly deprived the hunger strikers of sleep by making noise."

"During this period of isolation, the author contends that access to his legal adviser was denied."
So, let’s sum up the 'evidence', shall we? Mr Badan, ‘said’, ‘claimed’, ‘alleged’, and ‘contends’. And with all that ‘proof’, what did the Committee find? Sorry - no prizes here:
The majority of the UN Human Rights Committee agreed Mr Badan's and his son's rights were breached.
Seriously, though - as if they would find anything else. And if the Tooth Fairy suddenly popped up, claiming she had been denied her rights (or that the water in the tooth glass was drugged), I’m just as sure they’d be unquestioningly accepting that fairytale as well - anything, really, as long as it 'confirms' the very worst.
Mr Badan and his son were returned to Villawood to attend a hearing in the Federal Court to appeal their failed application for refugee status. The court later denied the appeal and Mr Badan and his son escaped from Villawood.
So, where is Mr. Badan now?
The report said their whereabouts were unknown.
Gosh - what a surprise! A failed asylum seeker does a runner. I guess there's a reason for putting illegal arrivals in detention after all.

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