More leftist criminals get what's coming to them

Still more leftist scum prove each day how unworthy of breathing our air they are. The latest episode of it are the protests outside the Baxter Detention Centre where illegal queue jumpers are held at taxpayer expense until they are sent back to where they belong.

Here you can find a press release by some of the leftist scum that started all the violence. Let's go through it shall we....
Baxter: Police violence dangerous and unnecessary
Monday, 28 March 2005, 2:11 pm
Press Release: Refugee Action Coalition
Baxter: Police violence dangerous and unnecessary

Refugee Action Coalition of NSW

MEDIA RELEASE : 26 March 2005 Protesters condemned the heavy-handed police action at Baxter detention centre today and urged them to consider the possible consequences of such action...
Consequences like not letting you leftist filth get away with committing any number of crimes - not limited to trespassing, willful destruction of public property, resisting arrest, and assaulting police officers - sounds good to me. The police did the right thing.
Lucy, a protester from Sydney was taken to hospital after being trampled by a police horse when they charged at the crowd of protesters. Luckily, after two hours in Port Augusta hospital she was released without any serious injury.
Luckily is hardly the term I would use for it but anyway, here are the stalwart officers who at least made a good attempt.

Good on ya, mates.
“It is a miracle Lucy didn’t suffer a major injury. I saw the police horses hooves trampling on Lucy, I was worried that her back would be broken,” said Mark Goudkamp of the Refugee Action Coalition.
'tis a genuine shame it wasn't. Now she will be free to trespass and destroy property again.
“Another protester has had his arm broken in two places. Surely we should be able to hold a political protest without the police breaking our limbs? This country is meant to be a democracy.
This country is a democracy, and that is why you criminal scum only had your limbs broken instead of being shot or run over with a tank like you would have been in your beloved Cuba or North Korea, or Soviet Union, or China.
“Our intention was to walk around to the back of the Baxter compound to where the detainees could hear us and we could hear them. We wanted to make contact and let them know that we are here to support them. It was totally unnecessary for the police to attack us.
"We only wanted to bust down the gates and free the invaders and burn the building down causing millions of dollars in damage which the taxpayers (not us because we are unemployed dole bludgers) would have to pay for. Totally unnecessary for the police to prevent us from committing these crimes."
“It will be clear to most Australians from the television pictures that it is the police who are instigating the violence. Police Assistant Commissioner Gary Burns claims there are violent elements within the protest are hypocritical as it is only the police that have been violent.”
Contact: Mark Goudkamp 0422 078 376 (Baxter)
BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! All the television pictures show is a whole lot of leftist filth trying to destroy property and assaulting police. And that same filth getting their shit ruined.

Don't believe this is totally, 100% the fault of the leftist filth and that they shouldn't have more than their arms broken? Here is a line from another article. Read it and let it sink in....

"If the property is being used unjustly, as it is in this case, I think it is the right of every right-thinking person to damage that property to free those held unjustly as the refugees are in Baxter."

In other words, "It is fine for me to destroy property and free illegals if I feel like it."

Leftist scum talk big but when they find themselves in situations such as this:

Not so tough now are you, scumbag?

Good on you police officers. You have nothing but scum to deal with, and you do it superbly.

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