Surely you jest?

I'll be right royally fucked! The Australian Greens have now stepped into a zone of public opinion far and away beyond anything you would expect a mainstream political party to even contemplate. That's right, I'm talking about their latest poll.

If Australia is not a republic when the current reign of Queen Elizabeth ends, who would you prefer as the Queen and King of Australia?

Current result of this poll;
a. Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles 12% (6)
b. Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik 71% (35)
c. Princess Masako and Crown Prince Naruhito of Japan 16% (8)

It's early days yet, but it appears that the Danes are favoured by the Greens to take charge. Well, we know what to do with polls that are completely fucking insane. That's right! LET'S RIG AN ELECTION!

So, I urge you all, let the Greens know that the venerable Emperor and Empress of Japan should be our next head of State. Make this result as crazy as the last poll they removed. Vote now. Vote early. Vote often.

PS: Take screenshots. Shift + Prt Scr and paste into MS Paint. Preserve the insanity for posterity.
PPS: What's even stranger is people voting for the Japs. Oh, well, if you can't beat 'em....

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