Aussies rank US behind China

Yes it's another one of those polls that are conducted by those cleverer than the common fool, we the majority (common fools) only find out about it when we see the results and gratefully now know what we think.

While John Howard staunchly followed his close friend George W.Bush to war, Australians don't hold the same affection for our key ally, with the US ranking below China, France and Japan in the public's estimation. Only 58 per cent of Australians have "positive feelings" towards the world's superpower, with more than two-thirds complaining that the US holds too much sway over Australian foreign policy.
Oh, so we have warm and fuzzy feelings towards China and France, maybe the 48% are some sort of illusion that China is a flourishing democracy, where opinion polls like this are conducted fairly and freely, I have a feeling they might not be feeling all that warm and fuzzy if they were residing in the peoples republic or if they were across the straits in Taiwan grateful for the protection of Uncle Sam.
France, buggered if I know..
Japan, well there is the Toyota Corolla..

According to the first annual Lowy Institute poll, released yesterday, Australians rated the US above only our northern neighbour Indonesia and the so-called axis of evil member Iran and its war-torn neighbour Iraq. Despite the findings, the majority of Australians regard the US alliance as important. Sixty-one per cent said they regarded our alliance with the US as "very important" to Australia's security.
Oh ok, thanks for the protection of the worlds most powerful army Dubya but we think your just a bit aggressive, I find this hard to believe, as I pointed out earlier, the commoners were not asked.

The national poll - conducted last month - found almost 70 per cent think that Canberra is too heavily influenced by US foreign policy.
Are we feeling adventurous, maybe we should implement some communist policies, or adopt a do nothing, find fault approach like the French. As displayed in the last federal election, the common people have been left out of this poll.

While both political parties support the 53-year-old ANZUS alliance, Labor's foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd said yesterday that for Labor "alliance has never equalled compliance with every item of US foreign policy, the danger for the Howard Government is that they don't readily make that distinction," Mr Rudd said.
Oh no, Rudd is speaking, why, troops out, more troops, less troops, relocate them, send them in, take them out, no, yes, maybe, no, etc. I'm feeling drowsy..

However, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, who had been briefed on the Lowy findings, said Australians "are very committed to the American alliance". "It depends what questions you put to people, the time that those questions are asked and what happens to be in the media on that day," Mr Downer said. "We don't do polling on foreign policy, ever. "Public opinion can shift very, very dramatically in very short periods of time.

"You can't run a foreign policy on the back of opinion polls. It just can't be done."
Thank God for that.

The Lowy Institute poll found that 94 per cent of Australians feel positive towards New Zealand, ahead of Japan (84 per cent), China (69per cent) and France (66 per cent). The poll of 1000 Australians could not explain whether the attitude was a temporary response to the Bush administration's foreign policy or part of a longer-term agenda.

Thank you Lowy Institute, I now know what my opinion is.

More here, from The Australian

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