Cynical and skeptical but are we really to blame?

UN officials are worried that the organization has lost credibilty with middle America.

The United Nations is out of touch with most Americans, who think the beleaguered organization has abandoned its mission to keep peace and protect human rights around the world, says U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan's chief of staff.
"In a very real way, we seem to have lost touch with the great middle in America, a middle which very much believes in the aspirational ideas of the U.N. ... and who feel that we've drifted away from a commitment to human rights, a commitment to help the poor of the world," Mark Malloch Brown said yesterday.

What did they think would happen after Rwanda, The Balkans, the oil for food scandal, the rape of children in the congo, the stalemate over Darfur and the countless undermining of American policy? etc, etc, etc.

In an interview on Fox News Sunday Mr Brown was making some hefty promises of reform ..

The organization will propose changes in the coming weeks to begin repairing its reputation by revamping its "human rights machinery" to keep dictator nations off the U.N. Human Rights Commission.
Governments making up the current membership include Cuba, Sudan, Zimbabwe and Saudi Arabia. Libya is the outgoing chair of the committee.
The plan would "try and restore the credibility of this and have people on that commission who really are people of stature and reputation and record and come from countries of the same thing, with real human rights standing in the world," Mr. Malloch Brown said.

These assurances are hard to take seriously when the United Nations as a whole refuses to make their esteemed leader Kofi Annan take any responsibilty for the organizations failings. Just a few days ago he was speaking out about legitimizing one of the deadliest terror groups on the planet.
Yet when asked about Kofi Annan and his responsibilty for the mess the United Nations now find itself in Mr Brown replied

"The world does not "look at him as responsible for these problems. They look at it as a lack of support from governments in general, and that's what we need to fix,"

and this is why so many Americans are fed up with the UN.

The article states that any changes proposed by Mr. Annan would have to be approved by the U.N. General Assembly, comprising all 191 U.N. member nations. A package of U.N. reforms is expected to be debated at a U.N. world summit in New York in September.

What that means is more waiting.

The world not just middle America needs to see some results now

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