Protest Warrior photos

Sorry about the wait, but thanks to Zem, we have photos of the idiocy of the rabid left. We'll start with the signs

Eason Jordan claimed 12 were deliberately targeted, this guy must be putting the numbers at thousands. Of course he's wrong, but anyone with half a brain could already see that.

I discussed the laughable nature of the Spartacist in my story, and here are their signs: "Down with Zionist terror, defend the Palestinians!"; "Defend Cuba, China, North Korea & Vietnam against Imperialism and Internal Counterrevolution" and "Down with NSW ALP Government's Persecution of Redfern Aboriginal Militants! Drop the charges!" You just can't make this stuff up.

Sunday's comparison to Hitler was brought to you by some random girl. I wonder where she stole that sign from?

I'm unfamiliar with this concept of "terrorsim". Are they computer games where terrorism is simulated? I would've asked them, but being a peace rally where free speech activists are everywhere, I would've been told to shut up before being threatened with violence.

This sign pretty much sums up the whole attitude towards Australia at the rally. This photo once again shows just how sparsely populated these rallies are. Maybe there's a reason for that, which has something to do with the sign.

Alex, Mike and I - capitalism everywhere.

These were our small, but semi-effective numbers. We were seen by more people due to our prominent location, and the lefties even had someone (the man in black, left) stand in front of us so that the majority of the crowd wouldn't hurl abuse at us. It worked, for the most part.

There's more photos here.

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