More reasons to rid society of leftists

It is clear to me that leftists are asking to be removed from society in the most violent ways possible.

It has taken me a few days to calm down enough where I can write without smashing the keyboard in disgust and go out looking for leftists.....

If you haven't already done so, familarise yourself with this case of a security guard who was murdered after doing everything he was told to by his attackers.

For years we have been told by those fuckhead leftists to "do as you are told and you will be alright". Do what you are told, don't fight back, give them what they want and they will leave you alone.

Most normal people know this is full of shit but this is the line all you leftist fuckheads have been pushing. Well the death of this security guard and the pain of his family are on your heads.

Apart from being told to give in to the criminals by leftists (of course the criminals being 99.97% leftist scum to begin with - with a +/- 0.03% margin of error) another load of bullshit pushed by leftists is not to take matters into your owns hands and let the courts handle things. And one of the leftists' favourite suggestions instead of a weapon to defend yourself with is to get a worthless piece of paper not fit for wiping your arse with - also known as a restraining order.

Well a case was just heard in the Supreme Court of a man who bashed his wife's head in with a baseball bat before slitting her throat while their four children slept nearby. And yep, he was under a restraining order.

Of course if she had been allowed a gun, those four boys would still have their mother with them - but no - thanks to you leftist fuckheads who think a piece of paper is the best way to protect yourself, she was not allowed to own a gun to defend herself and her boys with.

Today he was found guilty of willful murder and will spend at least 30 years in prison but that doesn't bring Ruth back, nor does it ease the pain of her children. More blood that falls squarely on the hands of all the successive generations of leftist fuckheads who have outlawed you from being properly able to defend yourselves.

I hope, I pray, that every last leftist that has ever said, or ever thought, "Do what the criminal tells you. Give him what he wants" loses a family member in the same way Robyn Kastenberger lost her husband.

I pray every leftist that has ever said "Don't do anything - just get a restraining order" or has ever protested or thought about protesting anyone being able to own a gun or crossbow or any other weapon for self defense has to suffer through the agony those four Vella boys have to suffer through.

Am I serious? Yes.
Isn't that asking for karmic consequences? I don't believe in karma - if it existed, we would already be rid of every leftist in society.

I told you leftists I already see you as less than people - these are just two more reasons that justify my stance.

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