Progress Against Iraqi Insurgents

In a joint US-Iraqi operation, a raid was conducted on a suspected insurgent training camp, and 85 enemy were killed. The figure comes from Iraqi officials instead of the US military, but it is sure to be encouraging, especially to civilians who have begun to take action themselves when their loved ones are threatened by the miscreants.

And how did the world media present it?

FOX News was enthusiastic: "U.S., Iraqi Forces Kill 85 Militants"

The BBC was neutral, but cast a little doubt: "Iraqi troops 'kill 80 insurgents'"

CNN, unsurprisingly, sounded depressed, trying to use its headline to paint the Coalition forces in a negative light and make the insurgents seem like innocent victims: "Iraqi, U.S. forces overrun rebel base, kill 85"

To the guys at CNN, sometimes people do want the good guys to win, and your faux sophistication is nothing more than sophistry.

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