The Glory Days are Over

Tom Paine over at Silent Running has an excellent piece on the Left’s loss of reason. It’s a great article, providing such gems as:
The Left is fixated on its glorious past so much because I think in some deep part of its psyche it realises it's already had its best days. They've seen the future, and they're not in it. Hell, they're barely here in the present. Tony Blair is still the British Prime Minister, John Howard keeps winning elections in Australia, W. Chimpy Hitlerowitz has now won, er I mean stolen, two US elections and he invaded Afghanistan and Iraq! Israel still exists! Is there anything the Left can't fail at?

And what is the Left doing today? Allying itself with radical Islam, out of a misguided belief that Muslims are victims of western imperialism? Smooth move guys - choose the one genuinely dangerous group and declare them your best buds. They may be opposed to womens’ rights, they may be against the existence of gays and Jews, they may want to ban music, they might want to eradicate all religions other than their own interpretation of Islam, they might believe in murdering anyone not themselves, in short, they may be sons of bitches, but they're opposed to the United States, so that makes them our sons of bitches.

The Left achieved its victory, and now has nothing left to fight for, so it is only capable of fighting against something. It fights the West, its own host society, for the sin of no longer needing them. If the Left won't inherit the West, then no one shall. Let the Islamofascists destroy it all. Death to life!
Go have a read. It’s well worth it.

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