Leftists as Nazis

Trawling through the archives of The Asylum, I came across this report by Jerry Redmond which was posted at the Cooper for President website. Hot on the heels of Mike Jericho's excellent summary below, here is Jerry Redmond and his report.

Liberals as Nazis

If the hallmark of the Nazi regime was the totalitarian oppression of an entire population through the use of propaganda and dictatorial tactics in politics, then there are some striking parallels to the Nazi mentality and the mentality of the new-liberals in today's America. Here are just a few of those parallels offered for the reader's consideration.

It has been recently disclosed that the predominantly young and liberal staff of a good many Borders Books stores have bragged in chat rooms on the internet that they have engaged in a concerted effort to prevent their customers from having access to the book entitled "Unfit For Command." This best-selling book was written primarily by John O'Neill [with Jerome Corsi], a Vietnam veteran who had served with John Kerry in Vietnam and who, along with dozens of other veterans who knew Kerry, wanted to speak the truth about Kerry's supposedly heroic war record. Specifically, these employees at Borders Books had engaged in the deliberate mishandling and damaging of copies of the book so that they would have to be returned to the publisher unsold and had also deliberately taken whole shipments of the book and stacked them away in far corners of their storage rooms so that they would never make it to the bookshelves. When customers asked about finding copies of the book they were treated derisively by the staff at Borders and frequently urged to buy and read copies of Michael Moore's books instead.

Now bear in mind that one of Michael Moore's main liberal rants in his own book entitled "Dude, Where's My Country?" relates to the paranoid belief that Attorney General John Ashcroft and the FBI are going to raid public libraries across America in order to find out what we citizens are reading and then somehow control our reading habits. Liberals think this is a terrible abridgement of our First Amendment rights under the United States Constitution. But they see no hypocrisy in attempting to control the reading habits of others by physically preventing public access to a book that they disagree with, or--more to the point--do not want to have widely read because it exposes as a liar the man who is running against a president who they dislike, George W. Bush. These young de facto Nazis who are hiding books from the public are just one step away from doing what their philosophical antecedents had engaged in during the Third Reich---book burning.

Although George W. Bush has signed Form 180 authorizing the release for public disclosure all of his military records from the Vietnam era, liberal media reporters have not only persisted in pouring over 35-year-old National Guard pay stubs in an effort to "prove" that he was AWOL in the Alabama Air National Guard, but recently Dan Rather used forged documents in an effort to "prove" the same thing. Although it turned out that these documents had been generated on a MicroSoft Word software program which did not even exist during the purported dates found on the documents, this glaring and obvious clue to their fraudulent creation was steadfastly ignored by Rather and CBS. Having now had their alleged "proof" exposed for being as phony as Dan Rather's hair color, Rather and company are now insisting that the fraudulent documents represented "the essential truth" and were therefore valid in their own way.

So in liberal double-think we now have a new concept in journalism that goes like this: You can use fake documents to prove your point and once you've done that it doesn't matter if the documents themselves are proven to be fake because you've already established what can reasonably be assumed to be the truth based upon those documents you used before anyone knew they were fake. During the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler the concept of the Big Lie was perfected by Propaganda Minister Josef Goebles. Hitler and Goebles had discovered that if you just made a lie BIG enough and repeated it OFTEN enough that eventually everyone would accept it as being true. As such, they were the philosophical forefathers of modern liberalism, and of course, of Dan Rather as well.

After having harped on George W. Bush's alleged AWOL status in the Air National Guard repeatedly for many, many months the Kerry campaign and the Democratic Party were stunned when the hero image of Senator John Kerry was finally challenged by a group of Vietnam veterans who had known and worked with Kerry in Vietnam. Although none of these men were professional politicians and many were actually registered Democrats, there are approximately 250 Vietnam veterans who had had some contact with Kerry during their time in Vietnam and who considered him to be a fraud and a disgrace to the military. Although none of them wanted to draw attention to themselves and none of them had any official affiliation with the White House, other than the fact that some of them were registered Republicans, and they were collectively simply exercising their First Amendment right to free speech by publishing a book recalling their Vietnam experience and by being interviewed on television regarding that experience, the Kerry campaign has, in its sheer desperation to hide the truth, demanded that their own political opponent, President Bush, forcibly silence these veterans. Now let's get this straight:

The same people who claim that Attorney General John Ashcroft has been trampling upon our First Amendment rights by having access to things like library records are now demanding that our own president trample upon the First Amendment rights of some highly decorated Vietnam veterans for telling us about their experience in Vietnam because it reflects poorly upon Senator Kerry. Once again we have a case of totalitarian thinking at its best. Liberals hold the deep-seated belief that when they speak their opinion on anything they should be accorded the right of free speech, but that if someone speaks an opinion that they find distasteful or contradictory to their own opinion, that those persons should be silenced by the highest government official in the land. And this silencing, this trampling upon the First Amendment rights of these veterans, has been demanded by none other than John Kerry and John Edwards, who are currently running on the National Socialist, excuse me, the Democratic national ticket for the offices of President and Vice President. Scary, isn't it? [Special Note: If what the Swift Boat veterans have said is untrue and Kerry's war record is truly that of a hero, then their claims might be refuted by a review of Kerry's military records. However, Kerry has steadfastly refused to sign the same Form 180 that Bush has signed to authorize the release of those records.]

In the spring of 2003 at a San Francisco anti-war protest the conservative group known as ProtestWarrior.com attempted to infiltrate the anti-war crowd with their own subversive placards saying things like "Except for ending slavery, fascism, Nazism, and Communism WAR NEVER SOLVED ANYTHING" and "Communism has only killed 100 million people LET'S GIVE IT ANOTHER CHANCE." As soon as members of the Communist front group International Answer and several other left-wing groups caught on to their subterfuge, these supposedly freedom-loving, fascist-hating lefties rigged up a makeshift corral by stringing a rope around some convenient stationary objects and then attempted to forcibly herd the Protest Warriors into this holding pen in an effort to prevent them from exercising the same right of public expression that they, the lefties, were engaged in. I'm sure both Hitler and Stalin would have been proud.


Throwing things. That's right, left-wing liberals have a penchant for throwing foul objects at those who they disagree with. In some of our truly lunatic fringe communities like Portland, Oregon, for instance, they have been known to fill plastic bags with excrement, vomit, etc. and toss it at a passing presidential motorcade if the motorcade happened to contain a Republican president. I've seen film clips taken in Nazi Germany in which irate German citizens viciously threw things at Jews who were being paraded through the streets in humiliation by the Gestapo. Young liberals of today would feel right at home in such a crowd. Again, that good ole Nazi mentality asserts itself in forms of accepted (to their group) public expression.

Similar to Item No. Four, it is a common practice for hyper-lefties to confront conservatives who are engaged in peaceful demonstrations of support for our current president and our troops overseas and to physically grab from them and destroy any signs or placards voicing that support. However, when they themselves illegally attempt to disrupt traffic on a public roadway or to prevent a ship from being filled with supplies to support our troops in Iraq and are then arrested by the police, they will invariably cry that their "civil rights" are being violated. However, much as did the Gestapo some sixty years ago, they firmly believe that it is justifiable to impede the lawful self-expression of other citizens whose opinion is at variance with their own.

Adolf Hitler played upon the fears of the German people, exploiting every opportunity for political gain regardless of how wildly he may have veered in his public policy from his stated principles. Senator John Kerry has played upon the fears of Americans and swung politically this way and that [flip-flop, flip-flop] to suit the varied political winds of any given moment, cynically exploiting his anti-Vietnam stance when it was popular and now trumpeting his role as a "hero" in that same war as a reason to consider him an exceptional American who is suited to become our next president. And who do liberals endorse? Why the 'Hitler-esque' John Kerry, of course.

Comrades Lenin and Stalin fabricated much of their own personal histories in order to gain political support in their country. According to the majority of Swift Boat veterans who served with him, Comrade Kerry has decidedly embellished his own rather weak four-month-long Vietnam war record for political gain. Specifically, it is their recollection of Kerry that he was actually a coward and a manipulator who gained his numerous medals by writing bogus "after action" reports detailing his own imaginary heroics. [Okay, Lenin and Stalin were not technically "Nazis" but they did represent the leadership of an equally oppressive Communist regime for many years.] And what is the reaction of liberals when their candidate's lies and deceptions have been exposed in a book? See Item One.

The unabashed support of tyranny is a hallmark of the new American liberal. When faced with the hideous reality of a devastating terrorist attack upon the United States and the likelihood of further attacks unless drastic action was taken to neutralize the threat to our nation, liberals rallied around the cause of preventing the overthrow of the regime of Saddam Hussein. Now to understand the significance of this we must recognize two things about Saddam Hussein.

First, in spite of liberal assertions to the contrary the regime of Saddam Hussein was easily linked to its sponsorship of al Queda and other terrorist organizations. Saddam even maintained a large terrorist training camp at Salman Pak, some twenty miles outside of Baghdad, where al Queda operatives were trained in such terrorist techniques as the hijacking of commercial aircraft. [Two airplanes, one of which was an old Boeing 707, were actually maintained there as training tools.] Secondly, Saddam Hussein's regime was the most brutally oppressive dictatorship of the modern age. Even professional journalists who had spent time in numerous Third World hell-holes confessed that the sheer brutality of Saddam's regime stood apart from all others.

So faced with the prospect of an American-led invasion of Iraq to rid the world of this murderous bully who was credited with the deaths of approximately two million people during his nefarious career as a tyrant, what was the reaction of American liberals? Well, they flooded into the streets of New York, Boston, Washington and other cities to protest "American arrogance" and the "corrupt regime of George W. Bush." I believe that if faced with a choice between George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein for president, they would be inclined to vote for Saddam. Once again we can discern quite clearly that their sympathies have been reserved for tyrants. This also explains why so many of them still cling to the moribund institution of Communism as a political philosophy. Everywhere Communism has been implanted---whether it was in Cuba, China or the former Soviet Union---it has evolved into a totalitarian dictatorship in one form or another. This seems to have a recurring appeal to liberals everywhere.

There does, however, seem to be one form of tyranny that liberals despise, and that is the tyranny of infants and toddlers. Young liberated liberal women resent the idea of having to change diapers at all hours of the night or day or to be compelled to breast-feed babies against their will. And this has led to the one issue that they are perhaps most adamant about---the right to terminate the lives of these little would-be tyrants before they have a chance to cry and make their voices heard in the world.

The fact that the clinical slaughter of some four million human babies each year in the United States represents what any sane person should consider a crime against humanity doesn't disturb them in the least. In their quest to rid themselves of these pesky 'crybabies,' who would demand so much of their unfettered attention, liberals have devised several methods of neutralizing their numbers. With the help of hired assassins known as "abortionists" human beings still in the womb can be disposed of in the following ways. They can have their bodies ripped apart by the suction of a vacuum pump inserted into the uterus, which very efficiently tears off the legs and arms before tearing off the head of the unborn and struggling infant. Or they can have a doctor essentially do the same thing with a forceps.

And then there is also the increasingly popular method known as the "saline abortion" in which a saline solution is injected into the amniotic fluid which then proceeds to chemically burn the infant's skin off and cause it to slowly suffocate to death. Women who have experienced this type of abortion have suffered two disturbing side
effects: (1) The doomed babies normally kick and struggle violently inside the womb for at least an hour before they die; and (2) They often are ejected through the vaginal tract while still alive. In these cases their skin will be a bright "scalded" red color, causing abortion clinic nurses to refer to them "candy apple babies," and they will emerge from the mother's body choking and gasping, struggling to breathe. Typically in these cases, the abortionist [trained assassin] will then cut away the buttocks flesh of the struggling infants with a scalpel to ensure that they bleed to death quickly. Perhaps the most gruesome form of dispatch of all is what is euphemistically referred to as the "partial birth abortion." This refers to cases where you have essentially a full or near-full term pregnancy but when the infant is born an abortionist will drill a hole into its skull before its entire body has been ejected from the mother, thereby allowing the infant to still be referred to as a "fetus."

This little matter of semantics makes it essentially legal to murder newborn infants at abortion clinics. In short, liberals insist that their right to "choose" to kill their unborn or "partially born" children is a sacred Constitutional right and that the various means of performing these executions listed above is perfectly acceptable to them. Dr. Josef Mengela, I am quite sure, would applaud them for sticking to their principles.

IN SUMMARY we have discovered that liberals adhere to the following belief system:

- It is all right to engage in censorship as long as you are censoring books critical of liberals that you don't want other people to read.
- It is all right to use fraudulent documents to "prove" your case against a Republican president who you don't like.
- It is all right to demand that the First Amendment freedom of speech guaranteed to all American citizens be forcibly denied to those who would criticize a liberal politician even if those persons you are attempting to muzzle are decorated war veterans.
- It is all right to attempt to forcibly and physically detain those exercising their lawful right of public protest if they represent a conservative point of view.
- It is all right to physically oppose those with whom you disagree with politically by throwing foul objects at them in public places.
- It is all right to physically impede the ability of those with differing viewpoints from publicly demonstrating their own views in a lawful manner, but if you attempt to assert your own liberal views in an unlawful manner, by blocking traffic on a public roadway for instance, you must consider yourself to be the victim of tyrannical oppression whose Constitutional rights have been violated if you are arrested or forced to move out of the way.
- It is all right to exploit fraudulent claims of past heroism in order to gain political power because in your liberal agenda 'the ends justifies the means.'
- If the lies and deceptions incorporated in these fraudulent claims of past exploits are exposed it is acceptable to hide this information from the general public to the best of your ability.
- You should vigorously protest the forcible removal from power of any and all tyrants and dictators if the United States of America attempts to do so.
- The murder of unborn and "partially born" infants is not only something that should be accepted but also something that should be demanded as a matter of personal convenience and that exercising your right to "choose" to kill your own children somehow elevates you to a moral high-ground above those who would oppose you on any and all issues involving politics and morality.



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