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So good old ‘Jihad Jack’, the man currently facing trial for being a terror suspect, is now fronting ‘human rights’ meetings. Oh really?
'Jihad Jack' attends human rights meeting

AUSTRALIAN terrorist suspect 'Jihad Jack' Thomas has celebrated his continuing freedom at a public meeting of around 150 supporters tonight.

The former taxi driver and Muslim convert was released after Mr Gray said he took into account his fragile mental state and the conditions under which he was held at Victoria's Barwon prison. Mr Gray also said there was no reason to believe that Thomas had been in contact with terrorist organisations since he returned to Australia in June 2003.
Oh - well, that’s okay, then. The terror stuff was only being contemplated while overseas, never mind whether or not we or our allies were the target (added to which we obviously deserve it). But here’s the rub: here we have a man facing trial, where the weight of evidence will determine whether or not he is, in fact, guilty of what he is being accused of, and rightly so:
Thomas is facing charges of receiving financial support from the al-Qaeda terrorist network, providing al-Qaeda with resources or support to carry out a terrorist attack and having a false passport.
On the other hand, the unsubstantiated allegations of ‘torture’ and ‘psychological abuse’, much like Mamdouh Habib’s vivid fairytales, which have faced no such scrutiny and never will, are touted as undeniable ‘fact’ by our lefty ‘friends’, and therefore Jack’s ‘get out of gaol free’ card:

Those issues were raised at a meeting of 100-150 supporters attended by Thomas and his family, at Trades Hall in Melbourne tonight.

His father, Ian Thomas, said the meeting canvassed the issue of human rights abuses. "There are concerns about the use of physical and psychological abuse to get information," he said.

Mr Thomas said his family believed that Thomas's case could be compromised because of the way evidence was obtained.

Does anyone else have a problem with this glaring hypocrisy? The Left, while on the one hand screaming for Jack’s right of innocence unless proven guilty, certainly doesn’t.

Even more importantly, though, is what it is this man is being accused of. And this man has supporters? Never mind the implications, the association with mass murder and horrific acts of barbarity at the hands of Al Qaeda. That, if the Left’s rallying cries (and glaring double standards when it comes to cases like this) are anything to go by, is all just fine. Quite clearly, the Left doesn’t care whether Jack aided and abetted terrorists. That’s because, to the Left, he and his kind are not the enemy.

We are.

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