Sgrena's car proved she lied

You'll remember that Giuliana Sgrena claimed her car was shot at "300 or 400 times", among other lies she told that I listed here. It was easy to dismiss that claim as a lie on the spot, but it's even easier now that La Republica has posted photos of the car, but the AP posted clearer images. And thanks to LGF, here they are:

As you can see, there's virtually no damage to the car at all. Here's some low-quality photos of an armoured car hit 36 times:

We can safely say that an ordinary car hit 300-400 times will have at least 10 times the damage as an armoured car hit 36 times. Three people in that car died, yet only one dies in Sgrena's less protected car that was hit ten times as much?

Captain's Quarters has more:
This clearly shows that the vehicle did not come under heavy fire but probably got shot by handheld weapon trying to disable the vehicle. This picture is last in the slideshow; others show bullet holes on the fringe of the front windshield, which otherwise remains intact.

Whatever else happened, this vehicle did not come under heavy-weapons fire or indiscriminate automatic-arms fire. The fact that it's still got all of its fenders and its hood intact tells us that. One tire got shot out and one front-windshield bullet, possibly two, are all that La Repubblica can point out.

Sgrena lied.
While you can excuse slight errors in her story, the fact that she has exaggerated the number of bullets that hit her car by anywhere from 75 to 200 times casts far too much doubt over the story for her to be taken seriously.

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