Semantics 'R Us

On seven different ABC News items on Aslan Makhadov getting his rightful whack, Beslan was referred to as a siege.

The odious furry-fez'd fiend who oversaw the deaths of over 200 schoolkids is regarded by Fairfax as a moderate.

Strangely the ABC is quite happy to use the term massacre when dealing with shootings in a Colorado school, in an item which was used for the promotion of a feature film by the rotund and duplicitous Michael Moore.

Of course there is no duplicity in this- a couple of deranged and dislocated teenagers (influenced by the McDonnell Douglas plant in town) come to school tooled up to get even with the people who have allegedly slighted them in their drug-addled reality, is a massacre.

The cold-blooded invasion of a school by ideologically charged terrorists who plant bombs throughout to make sure civilian casualties are high, is a siege.

I'm glad I have a national broadcaster to fill me in on such things, I'm far too stupid to tell the difference.

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