Setting the Record Straight

No doubt most of our readers have read in the MSM that evil Australia, the fascist bastion, has been at it again, trying to deport some poor, defenceless 104 year-old Chinese woman.

Well, it’s time to set the record straight.

The entire thing was a pack of lies.

Yep', that's right. Lies. The fact is, Cui Yu Hu, the lady in question, was never going to be deported. Read that again: never.

This lady arrived in 1995 from China, on a 12-month visitor's visa. She couldn’t go home again, because the airlines wouldn’t take her. So guess what. The evil brown shirts over at Australian Immigration basically gave her a permanent bridging visa. She was informed of this last September.

And here’s some text from the letter she received:

In view of your age and frailty, it has been decided to defer any decision indefinitely, to enable you to remain in Australia as the holder of a bridging visa.

For some years it has been the position of the Australian Government that the number of parent visas available in the annual migration program will be strictly capped to limit the number of visas granted.

This position has been taken in view of the very substantial costs imposed on the Australian community associated with the medical and related needs of elderly persons, who, as non residents, have made no offsetting contribution in Australia during their working lives.

Consequently there is a very long queue of applicants waiting for parent visas.
So what has all this BS been about? In a word: money. The good lady’s family didn’t want a bridging visa – they wanted a parent visa. Why? So she would be eligible for Medicare. So guess what? Not getting the visa they wanted, they launched a media campaign, full of lies, so that Australia would be shamed into handing over the goodies.

Even the man appointed to speak on the woman’s behalf has finally admitted what it was really all about:

It was all about medical care. It wasn't about residency. There was no time at all that we felt she would be deported.
So how did the leftists in the MSM (and in general) react?

Very predictably.

They lied.

And they kept on lying, even though, as early as February of this year, immigration had widely broadcast it to the media that this woman was not being deported; was never going to be deported. But that didn’t stop them billing it as a fight against her deportation, rather than what it really was: a fight for free health care, care her family basically didn’t want to have to pay for. The leftwing press knew damned well this story was a load of bollocks. But they went right ahead, spinning this venomous, evil little yarn without a single shred of truth. And Australia, as a nation, copped yet another bashing, thanks to them.

So what does this say about the leftwing MSM (and a few lefty bloggers I could mention). Quite simply, they are totally without scruples or morals. They will happily and knowingly lie, if it will score a few points. And they will keep right on lying, spewing insults and invective, in the hope that either no one will notice, or that the opposition will be bullied into silence.

For this writer, it’s events like this, more than anything else, that demonstrate loud and clear what a bitter, baseless, and utterly immoral enemy those on the left have truly become.

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