Love Will Find A Way

From Turkey comes news that a less than immaculate conception has occured in a prison, with two convicts in adjoining cells drilling a 9cm hole through the wall to enable the act; most of this sort of action occurs in the showers, but these facilities are a bit sparse in Asia Minor houses of correction it would seem.

Both were fined and a further 4 months added to their sentences for destroying public property; more suitable charges I feel would be one count of going armed to cause alarm, and for the other miscreant receiving swollen goods; no mention is also made of what was used to create the hole.

Turkey has a very liberal view of incarceration- certainly no western klinks I know of are co-educational, and glory holes are frowned upon by authorites.

I also note both are banged up for placing a bomb in a crowded market, which indicates some sort of fundie Islam connection- I wonder what assorted mullahs think of unbridled prison adultery? They're lucky they're in a secular pokey.

(Thanks to Bushy).

UPDATE Perhaps they should stop using this herb to season the tabouleh and they'll have a less pokey pokey- the side effects are clear for all to see.

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