Governor General of Australia, Maj-Gen Michael Jeffrey is castigated for being the patron of the Australian Club (Melbourne and Sydney), the Union Club (Sydney), the Queensland Club and the Western Australian Club.

Daryl Melham, member of the Australian Labor Party (federal government Opposition party for our non-local readers), alleged defender of women's rights everywhere, a former criminal lawyer (public defender) has got a bug fair up his ass over the GG's patronage of several of the 195 clubs and associations he is Patron of.

Excerpt;'But Labor backbencher Daryl Melham said Maj Gen Jeffery should rethink his patronage of men's-only, elite clubs because of the negative message it sent out. Mr Melham said the head of state's membership of exclusive clubs was a colonial relic, not consistent with modern-day Australia.

"This is a modern Australia. This isn't a colonial relic," Mr Melham told reporters. "The times and values of the past have moved on. I don't think the governor-general should be automatically a patron of every club that asks him to. Some of those clubs, frankly, are not appropriate for him to be the patron of."

You're absolutely correct Daryl. What the fuck does cricket have to with ALP politics? While you are busy explaining the relevance of a sporting club with your duties as an elected representative, perhaps you could explain why women around Australia have dedicated social clubs such as Fernwood?

One wonders to oneself, as one does, what Daryl would be squeaking about if Fernwood 'Women Only' Gyms had the GG as their patron? Hypocritical asshole.

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