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I'd like to follow up on James Ozark's excellent piece below on the Giuliani Sgrena fiasco.

How can anyone take Giuliani Sgrena seriously when she doesn't even know what she's talking about. It appears she has 2 different versions of the same story out there. Before we look at her alternate realities, here is the official US position.

The US maintains that a vehicle travelling at a high rate of speed was met with several warning shots after failing to stop at a checkpoint despite warnings to comply. The State Department also said that Italian officials hadn't bothered to inform them of her release.

Now, here is Sgrena reality #1. She claims that 300-400 rounds were fired at her car from an APC after the vehicle was already stopped. Moreover, she claims that troops also looked inside with a flashlight prior to opening up on her.

And now here is Sgrena reality #2. She claims she was not stopped at a checkpoint at all. In fact she said she wasn't even fired upon by checkpoint troops but by a US patrol as her vehicle moved along. She even added that [the vehicle]"...was not going especially fast for a situation of that type." So which is it? Were you fired upon by a patrol as you travelled along not "especially fast for a situation of that type" or were you already stopped at the checkpoint and being searched by soldiers with flashlights?

To add to the lunacy, Il Manifesto (the communist publication that Sgrena works for) claims that she was the victim of an ambush and that US forces want her dead for some type of information she may have recieved.

Wow, this has all the makings of TV Movie of the Week. I can see Michael Ironside in the role of the evil Amerikkkan commander. Ed Asner can play the paper's editor. Eason Jordan can be the movie's special consultant. They can even squeeze in a cameo by Dan Rather by having him break the attempted assassination story on the news. (he can even wave some documents around) Any suggestions on who can play the role of Giuliani Sgrena?

Incidentally, here is the car that was riddled with 300-400 rounds fired from an APC.

Update: an alert reader has pointed out that LGF is now reporting that the above photo is not the vehicle in which Ms. Sgrena travelled. The image was originally derived from an AP video which claimed to be footage of the vehicle in question. Evidently AP used a car which had nothing at all to do with the incident. (I should know by now not to trust anything that originates from AP)

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