With Israel ready to hand over control of Tulkarem to the PLO Arabs, in yet another "goodwill gesture" (after releasing 500 PLO Arab terrorists), the PLO Arabs have a few "goodwill gestures" of their own.

Like this 'surprise party' for our soldiers:

Palestinian gunmen wounded two members of the Border Police, one seriously and one lightly, in an ambush near the Tomb of the Patriarchs early Monday in the West Bank city of Hebron. Secreted in the city's dense casbah area, the gunmen shot bursts of automatic fire at a military position near the shrine, which has long been a flashpoint of violence in the strife-torn city.
And these words of peace from their leader, Mahmoud Abbas:

Abbas: Israel to blame for Tel Aviv bombing

That a Palestinian Arab armed and trained by the terrorist infrastructure the PA refuses to dismantle managed to slaughter five Israeli Jews in Tel Aviv last month is solely Israel's fault, PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas said Sunday.

"If you ask me who is responsible, the Israelis are responsible," Abbas said of the February 25 "suicide" bomb attack on a popular beachfront nightclub.

In an interview with Time Magazine, Abbas drew the incredible conclusion that, "The bombers came from the suburb of Tulkarm to Tel Aviv, crossing the wall [Israel's security fence]. So who is responsible? The wall and the Israelis."

Turning to the diplomatic front, Abbas slammed US President George W. Bush's April 2004 letter to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in which the American acknowledged that millions of so-called "Palestinian refugees" would not be allowed to flood the Jewish state, a right that Abbas demands in return for peace.

"President Bush doesn't have the right to prejudice final-status issues. These issues should be discussed in the final stages, not now," Abbas said. "He can't make commitments on behalf of the Palestinian people. It is our right to say yes or no."
Remind me why these people deserve a state?

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