The gift that keeps on giving

I know many will say that the Bush doctrine has nothing to do with this but I believe they are wrong.

Jordan Proposes New Israel Peace Strategy

ALGIERS, Algeria - King Abdullah II of Jordan has proposed a new peace strategy that drops traditional Arab demands that Israel give up all land seized in the 1967 war and offers the Jewish state normalized relations with Arab countries, according to a text of the proposal seen Friday by The Associated Press.

The proposal did not appear to have enough support to be adopted at an Arab League summit starting Monday in the Algerian capital. But even placing such a far-reaching change in strategy on the agenda would have been unthinkable in past league gatherings, suggesting new thinking in the peace process with Israel.

Those who believe that the hearts and minds of the peoples of the Middle East aren't being swayed, should look again. The freedom/peace train is rolling right along and picking up passengers at an unprecedented rate.

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