Two polls

Both are stupid, but here goes - firstly, The Greens want to know which fictional work the Department Of Immigration are. The options are George Orwell's 1984, The BBC's Yes Minister, Franz Kafka's The Trial, Steven Speilberg's Minority Report, Arthur Miller's The Crucible, and Peter Farrelly's Dumb & Dumber. They're hilarious over there at The Greens. Go there and vote for Minority Report, since it's the most obviously pathetic answer of the lot.

Meanwhile, a more serious - but still stupid - poll is over at the Herald. "Who gets your vote?" they ask, giving the choices of:
- Howard
- Costello
- Neither

The fact that only 19% of people voted for Howard as of this time says a lot more about the Herald's readership than it does about anything else. Go over and vote for Howard to even up the score a bit.

UPDATE: Well, Howard's score has gone from 19% to 23% - great work guys.

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