What's Eating You?

Probably crocodiles, if you don't vote for the Hitler of Harare. Bob Mugabe shows the socialist view of democratic choice vividly in his latest burst of gibberish:-

"All those who will vote for the MDC are traitors," Mugabe said Monday at a rally for the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front in Mutoko, 90 miles northeast of Harare.

In a separate speech on Tuesday, he also rejected the possibility of sharing government with the opposition, saying an MDC win would "not be tolerated." He spoke to about 15,000 party supporters at a rally in Bindura, 55 miles north of Harare.

Sounds similar to the gracious acceptance of electoral defeat by the left in Australia and the US- maybe if Crazy Bob loses, he can get pre-selection for the ALP or Greens here.

Mugabe is well and truly past his use-by date, and it's about time he went. Even if this does happen I don't hold out great hope for the future performance of the MDC- there's always a lot of blather about change, ending corruption and cronyism and bringing in economic reforms, but usually within months it's back to business as usual, with whatever tribal group is dominant in the ruling party running the show as a personal fiefdom.

Can anyone name an African state that is only as corrupt, draconian, poorly run and bankrupt as Brackistan?

Buggered if I can think of one.

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