Useful things to be done with leftists

I have often accused leftists of being utterly worthless and never contributing anything to society, but maybe that is not entirely correct. So let's take a look at some of the things leftists have done throughout history.

- Protecting terrorists
- Protecting criminals and punishing law abiding citizens
- Killing Jews
- Supporting the killing of Jews
- Supporting and prolonging slavery
- Nazism
- Communism
- Racism i.e affirmative action
- Mass prejudice ie quota systems
- Supporting mass murderers and dictators around the world
- Destruction of democracy around the world
- Supporting the destruction of democracy around the world.
- Opposing the spread of democracy around the world
- Destruction of personal responsibility in society
- Destruction of discipline in society

Not a great list is it? So let's take a look at some useful or beneficial things leftists have done...

Hmmmm. Exactly as I suspected – but let’s look at useful things that can and should be done with leftists

- Target practice
- Human shields
- Land mine clearance
- Scientific experiments
- Crash testing
- Live dissection for up and coming surgeons
- Torture practice
- Shark bait so tourists can get a good look at sharks feeding
- Poisons testing
- Use as a piñata during kid’s parties, buck nights, sporting team end of season celebrations etc
- Speed bumps
- Landfill
- Use instead of punching bags in martial arts classes so students get used to hitting a human body.
- Use as fodder in gladiatorial games
- Hunting (I find the idea of hunting innocent deer as serving no real purpose but hunting leftists is a community service)
- Awesome, fear inspiring decorations like this:

Holy shit, that looks awesome from both the front and back! I have got to get me some of those for my house.

And on a completely unrelated note, all leftists are encouraged to come around my house uninvited in the middle of the night - but you mustn't tell anyone you are coming. Don't worry - I assure you all nothing will happen to you - I can especially say you will not be ending up as a decoration like the guy in the pictures above. Promise.....

My dream is to see all the leftists in the world end up like that guy.....

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