Still more reasons to rid society of leftists

Low life filth are making life miserable for residents and of course leftists are on the filth's side.

Read a fraction of it here.

I want to focus your attention on

A Maddington man said he guarded his family home at night, terrified of neighbouring mobs. Fearing vigilante action, police confiscated his three licensed guns on Friday.

Fearing that this guy might actually protect his family and do the community a service by ridding us of this leftist human refuse, the police take away his means to protect his property and his means of ensuring that his wife and daughter are not raped and killed.

And why have the police been ordered to remove this man's ability to protect himself and his family from harm? Because of all the leftist scum who don't want ordinary people being able to protect themselves and do harm to their criminal scum mates.

The lesson here is to have some unlicensed guns the police don't know about. Better on trial than on a slab.

You might remember me saying a couple of days ago:

"I pray every leftist that has ever said "Don't do anything - just get a restraining order" or has ever protested or thought about protesting anyone being able to own a gun or crossbow or any other weapon for self defense has to suffer through the agony those four Vella boys have to suffer through."

Well I want to redouble my commitment to that hope. I hope all you leftists that support the protection of criminals lose family members due to you not being able to defend them. Not that you cowards would have the guts to defend your families. Maybe your own worthless hides, but not anyone else.

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