A vile pox upon them!

NY Times - The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-il, returned to center stage in the North’s capital, Pyongyang, on Thursday when the country’s Parliament elected him to another five-year term. But the secretive government gave no clues, after months of questions about Mr. Kim’s failing health, as to which of his three sons would be prepared to succeed him.

State television showed Mr. Kim, 67, receiving a standing ovation as he walked, with a slight limp, into the session of the rubber-stamp Supreme People’s Assembly. In contrast to his former paunchy build, he looked gaunt and older, but he maintained his authority, returning the applause and motioning the delegates to be seated. He appeared to have difficulty using his left hand because of, doctors believe, a stroke he suffered last August.
No money to feed the starving masses, no freedom for the starving masses, but he has money for nuclear weapons and to launch rockets willy-nilly in front of an impotent world. Hopefully one day soon some sort of vile, painful pox will consume him, or a few pieces of flying lead might end his wretched reign of evil.
Daily Mail - Kevin Johnson, 22, was brutally murdered by the gang who invited him to 'meet Mr Stanley' during a confrontation outside his home moments before plunging a blade into his chest, arm and back. The young father collapsed a few feet from his front door whilst the trio - aged 19, 16 and 17 - ran off in 'triumphant mood' before stabbing their second victim a short distance away.

But after applying for a maximum £11,000 in compensation Mr Johnson's family have been told that they do not meet the criteria as he tried to fight off the gang who took his life. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority has twice rejected John Johnson’s case. They ruled that the demolition worker had 'significantly' contributed to his own death.
You can read the whole article to see how nicely other criminal vermin are treated by the state in Britain, millions are thrown around to make life comfortable for vermin, but a piddling £11,000 is too much for those bureaucratic scumbags. So it's settled then, can't carry a weapon to defend yourself, the state won't protect you and they'll punish you if you try to protect yourself. Bastards, a vile, painful pox upon them too.

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