See what reaching out to tyrants gets you

Remember this two weeks ago - In a measured break with a half-century of US policy toward Cuba, the Obama administration lifted restrictions Monday on Cuban-Americans who want to travel and send money to their island homeland. In a further gesture of openness, US telecommunications firms were freed to seek business there, too. But the broader US trade embargo remained in place. The White House portrayed its changes, and they marked another major step away from the foreign policy priorities of the Bush administration.
Oh wow, isn't this wonderful, Hussein was going to get things done, Castro was just waiting for that Bush fellow who caused all the world's problems, wars, diseases and even hurricanes to just leave and for a soft but hip & cool metrosexual to waft us into an era of world peace and utopia. At the time not all were that enthusiastic about this.
Taking the other side, three Democratic lawmakers wrote in a letter to Obama on Monday that his decisions would have "devastating consequences." They said the Cuban government takes 30 cents of every dollar in US remittances that enters the country as a usury fee.
Well, they were right.
FOX News - Fidel Castro said Tuesday that President Obama "misinterpreted" his brother Raul's sentiments toward the United States and bristled at any suggestion Cuba should free political prisoners or reduce official fees on money sent to the island from the U.S. ......The former president appeared to be throwing a dose of cold water on growing expectations for improved bilateral relations — suggesting Obama had no right to dare suggest that Cuba make even small concessions. He also seemed to suggest too much was being made of Raul's comments about discussing "everything" with U.S. authorities.
Now that it's all been for nothing, does this mean that Hussein will reverse his earlier 'measured break'. Perhaps Hussein can ask for some gestures in return, pre-conditions if you will, before making the next round of hurried gestures to murderous regimes. I doubt it very much though, the yearning to coddle, aid and appease communist tyrannies is always strong in the hardcore leftist. Last but not least, remember how Hussein was cosying up to Chavez, holding hands, exchanging books and all that. He'd better have a read of this, a real nasty piece of work that Chavez.

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