The results of Hussein polishing Euro ass

FOX News - After privately asking European officials to take some freed Guantanamo Bay inmates, the U.S. Attorney General is making a public appeal for help in closing a detention facility for terrorism suspects that has been widely condemned abroad. Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in Germany early Wednesday after visiting London and Prague to talk about Guantanamo, extradition agreements and international investigations.
I don't get this, if hussein considers them innocent and so must be set free, why is he not letting them into the U.S? If he believes they are not innocent, then why is he trying to make them someone else's problem? And if they are innocent, why is he letting them go in the first place?
......For years, European leaders have urged the United States to close the U.S. naval detention facility in Cuba, but they have been much cooler to appeals by the Bush and Obama administrations to take some of the detainees themselves. ......On Tuesday, Holder received encouragement from Czech Interior Minister Ivan Langer, who told The Associated Press he believes some European nations will accept Guantanamo detainees. Langer was quick to say his own country would not.
Funny that eh, so easy to sit in their various armchairs and waffle about social justice and how America must do this and do that, how American must bow down to the European gasbags intelligentsia. But when it comes down to practicing what they pompously preach, the Europeans reveal themselves to be just varying sizes of bags full of gas.

When he asked for more troops for Afghanistan, they waffled and he got little. Now when he asks for them to take a few of those they championed to score points, again they waffle. Hopefully Hussein will learn the folly of polishing Euro ass. It's a waste of time and only makes you look like a fool.

I doubt very much that he will though, most in the western world don't see it either. Apart from America, much of the western world is full of paper tigers. The rest are just clowns who think that holding a meeting and squabbling over what to say at the end of it is the answer to a world where the number of nasty men with hard power is growing, but I digress.

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