Labour gets it right, sometimes

The Australian - PEOPLE aged under 20 who are not working, studying or training will lose the Youth Allowance under a goverment push to set the nation up for a strong recovery from the ongoing recession. And the tighter eligibility standards on the Youth Allowance will also apply to Family Tax Benefit Part A, meaning the parents of young people who are not at school or in training will no longer be eligible for the benefit. Kevin Rudd and state premiers meeting at the Council of Australian Governments today agreed to use the economic downturn to lift the nation's emphasis on training, rather than allowing young people to languish on dole queues.
Good, there is work out there and young people should be working if they're not doing anything else. If they can't find work themselves the government will find it for them, what ever it is, nothing wrong with good honest work. The alternative is simple, don't like the government telling you what to do, then don't take our money.

Remember the Gurkhas that Labour in Britain hung out to dry, the ones they betrayed in their hour of need.
Daily Mail - Gordon Brown is under overwhelming pressure to scrap 'offensive' rules barring Gurkhas from Britain after Labour rebels dealt him a crushing Commons defeat. He paid a heavy price for attempting to introduce guidelines preventing thousands of veterans who had risked their lives for this country settling here with their families. In a sign of his faltering authority, a total of 27 Labour MPs rebelled, including a ministerial aide who quit. Following a heated two-hour debate called by the Lib Dems, MPs voted to scrap the rules by 267 to 246.

The result was symbolic as it is not binding on the Government. But it sent out an unmistakable message to Mr Brown that he urgently needs to rethink the Home Office guidelines amidst widespread public anger. The result was announced amid shouts for Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who is responsible for immigration rules, to resign. The Labour rebels included Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz, ministerial aide Stephen Pound and former cabinet minister Andrew Smith.
It's good to see at least some Labour members can be shamed/bullied/cajoled into doing the right thing. Even though this isn't the end of the matter, Gordon is finished if he refuses to fold. Even better, they're calling for that useless pustule Jacqui Smith to resign. She won't, some are incapable of being shamed into doing the right thing you see, but I think she is also finished if she sticks around. I hope our British readers can confirm/elaborate on this.

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  1. I think you'll find that you need to UPDATE this story now as things have changed some what.
    As for the Daily Mail, well to be honest it isn't the BEST British newspaper out there to read.

    I do agree with you that welfare should be worked for.


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