Betrayal of Gurkhas continues

Daily Mail - They were ready to lay down their lives for Britain - and have been rewarded with an act of treachery. Thousands of Gurkhas were yesterday shut out of the UK in what was described as 'shameful betrayal' by the Government. Immigration Minister Phil Woolas claimed changes in the rules would allow 4,300 more former Gurkhas to settle here out of the 36,000 who served in the British Army before July 1997.

But lawyers battling for the Gurkhas said they believed only around 100 would benefit. Hundreds of former rank-and-file soldiers will face deportation while thousands more will be barred from entering the country. Under the new rules, former Gurkhas must prove they have either served more than 20 years or have won one of the top four medals for gallantry: the Victoria Cross; the Distinguished Service Order; the Distinguished Conduct Medal; or the Military Cross.

......Campaigners said it was virtually impossible for ordinary Gurkhas to meet those conditions. The vast majority - 98 per cent - are rank-and-file soldiers who are permitted to serve for only 15 years. Only officers are allowed to serve for longer. Top-level gallantry awards are given to a tiny minority of soldiers. Only one living Gurkha would qualify for entry on the basis of his medal alone. Lawyer Martin Howe said that of more than 2,000 Gurkha veterans refused entry to Britain, only Military Cross-holder Lalit Bahadur Gurung would be eligible. Mr Gurung, 81, who was awarded the cross in 1964, was refused entry to Britain for medical treatment last year.

......Lawyer David Enright said: 'It's an absolute betrayal of the Gurkhas, who have been told they are not welcome in this country. It is shameful. This Government has welcomed 600,000 Eastern Europeans, and tens of thousands of asylum seekers every year. 'But these men, who have fought for us in our darkest hour and in the worst parts of the world, are not welcome. It is a scandal and an outrage.'

That's the leftist government of Britain for you, if you spat upon these soldiers, if you worked diligently to undermine the Britain, if you are a criminal scumbag, they'd move heaven and earth to take care of you. But God help you if you actually fought for these bastards.

A painful pox upon these scumbags in government is too kind for them.

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