Cowboys and Indians

...the Clinton Administration set about forging closer ties with India.

In the wake of September 11, the Bush Administration took matters several steps farther: Joint military exercises, trade agreements, trade promotion, open alliances, and the clear inclusion of India in America’s regional military and strategic planning became the norm.
The Indian alliance is an almost perfect lynch-pin for American strategy in Asia ... it is an Anglophonic, common law democracy beset by tyrannies and lunatics, and so naturally inclined to ally with other Anglophonic, common law democracies facing the problems attendant with tyrannies and lunatics. American foreign policy has always been about American priorities — and rightfully so — but it is a rare and wonderful thing when American Realpolitik priorities and the moral imperative to stand next to young democracies align.

Or rather, it was a rare and wonderful thing. It’s rapidly becoming a fading memory, as the Indians are finding to their dismay.

RTWT and wonder if this is another disastrous Obama policy that our American Toady in Chief will follow?

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