Conservatives being blamed for the actions of a neo-Nazi psychopath

Police got shot while trying to apprehend him in response to a complaint from his mother. Much hate speech from the Left has followed.
"An insidious new meme is being propagated following the Pittsburgh slayings--that rhetoric from conservatives, gun rights activists, the "right wing"-- is responsible for Richard Poplawski's alleged fear that Obama was going to take away guns. The first thing we need acknowledge is this is but one more case of the media rushing to judgment before the facts are in.

As we've noted before, Obama's own words taken from the official White House website reveal his goal of banning an entire class of semiautomatic firearms. His attorney general has revived the call. And he's based a large part of his rationale on a demonstrable lie. We're not allowed to point that out? And reporting on their own words is now verboten?

An important component of the meme is that conservative/libertarian speech is hate speech. In the Orwellian Newspeak off the political left, the words of the framers of the Constitution are treasonous...

Still, there is one more point that needs to be made: Emerging evidence is connecting Poplawski to the white supremacist/neo-Nazi movement. Naturally, the left is trying to connect that to Constitutionalists, and paint us as "homegrown terrorists," as crooks and liars will.


Full news report here. The "coldness" of the killer after the event is typically psychopathic.

Some background on the website which Poplawski frequented is here.

If people knew that Hitler was a socialist the Left might be less inclined to mouth off about the actions of one of his followers.

If I were asked about Poplawski's motivations, I would have a much more plausible tale to tell than the far-out claim that he is a friend of liberty. For a start, Nazis are the epitome of all that libertarians oppose. If I put my sociologist's hat on (I taught sociology for 12 years at a major Australian university) it is tragically different from that. I would draw attention to Poplawski's apparently Polish surname.

I have the greatest admiration for the heroic Polish people. To have survived so well and so long being the ham in the sandwich between Germany and Russia is no mean achievement. Have a look at a map of Europe if you don't know what I mean. But even the most sane and decent Poles generally seem to have some bug in their brains about Jews. Even though there are virtually no Jews left in Poland they still hate Jews and blame Jews for all the woes of the world. And that is often true even of people of Polish ancestry who have never lived in Poland. So that is almost certainly what got Poplawski associated with extreme antisemites in America. And such people do generally believe that America is run by Jews and are hence hostile to all arms of the American State.

But most Poles live perfectly normal and harmless lives so it needed the multiplying factor of a psychopathic personality to bring about the tragic events we have been discussing.

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