Must not show Obama with green hair

Isn't he a Greenie? Chia pets are ceramic figurines on which you can grow a plant called Chia
"The creator of the Chia Pet is ch-ch-cheesed off after Walgreens pulled a special-edition Chia Obama from its shelves -- apparently over concerns that it might offend customers. A representative for Walgreens said the company dropped the product because they didn't want it to be misinterpreted. But Chia Pet creator Joseph Pedott told he was "shocked" when he found out the mega-pharmacy was pulling his merchandise.

The Chia Obama, a bust of the 44th president with sprouting grass-like "hair" in the tradition of the classic Chia Pet, was stocked at the Tampa and Chicago Walgreens stores as a test run. Pedott said company executives approved the product ahead of time, but it was on the shelves for less than a week when he got an e-mail Friday from Walgreens saying "it's not our image."

Walgreens spokesman Robert Elfinger would not comment on whether the company was concerned about the product being seen as racially insensitive.

"We decided to pull the product because we didn't want it to be subject to any misinterpretation," he said. "People could interpret it through a political viewpoint or other viewpoints, and we wanted to avoid that situation."


There WAS an animated version of the Obama graphic here but it was not working last time I tried it.

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