A thirst for death?

LifeNews - A Texas state Senate committee has approved a bill that would create Choose Life specialty license plates. State motorists can purchase the plates at the Department of Motor Vehicles when they renew or obtain plates and part of the fees will go to pregnancy centers that provide women with abortion alternatives.
Good on ya Texas, for signing up to this fine idea. This is great isn't it folks, people who don't believe in killing off the unborn can display their choice and they can support non-killing-off alternatives financially. But no, oh no, that's just too much for some, yep you guessed it, the same old diseased vermin have put up their heads to whine about it. You'd think that these spawn of vermin would be happy that hussein was taking taxpayers money and giving it to them and that it would be enough, think again folks.
Abortion advocates strongly objected to allowing motorists the chance to purchase license plates supporting adoption and helping pregnant women. "What we are discussing is neither adoption nor abortion — it is about free speech and this bill's potential to stifle that right," Dotty Griffith of the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas claimed, according to a Houston Chronicle report.
Ah the ACLU, what a nest of evil vipers ey, you exercising your right to display your pro-life stance is somehow choking the pro-death message. What's the matter dotty, can't get enough people to display your 'kill unborn' plates? Bit worried that more people might figure out that maybe, just maybe, being adopted and raised into this world might just be better than having your skull cracked open and your brains sucked out and your little corpse thrown in the trash?

American civil liberties for non-American terrorists, criminals and other assorted murderous scum but not a single one for the unborn Americans. A vile pox upon you and the terrorist murderers you love.
NARAL also opposed the bill with erroneous claims that pregnancy centers provide women with inaccurate information on how abortion yields mental health and medical risks. They are also complaining because the bill stipulates that none of the funds can go to abortion centers.
Only leftist vermin have the gall to demand that even more money be stolen from those who don't support killing off the unborn. Heavens above, is there any limit to their shamelessness and evil ways? Is there a limit to the amount of funding these vermin want to end human life, how much is enough for them, 10 trillion, 400 trillion? How many babies need to be killed off before their thirst for death is quenched?

Speaking of death, questionable characters and organizations.
LifeNews - ......Thank heavens (yes, that was sarcasm), euthanasia advocates plan “to sell barbiturate-testing kits to confirm that deadly drug cocktails are, in fact, deadly.” The kits debut in Britain in May for $50. The “seriously ill” don't want to mess around when they're trying to kill themselves, says Dr. Philip Nitschke. “They want to know they have the right concentration of drugs so that if they take them in the suggested way, it will provide them with a peaceful death.” “Someone needs to provide this knowledge, training or recourse necessary to anyone who wants it, including the depressed, the elderly bereaved (and) the troubled teen."

......Nitschke is not alone. Dignitas is a euthanasia clinic that operates in Switzerland. Earlier this month, its founder, Ludwig Minelli, a human-rights lawyer, stated clearly that there should simply be no limits on suicide. “It is without conditions,” he said. “A human right is without any conditions except capacity.” ......Minelli is currently working to help a Canadian woman kill herself alongside her husband. George has heart disease, and she wants to avoid the heartache of losing him.
The article is actually about a pro-euthanasia article in TIME magazine. Thanks heavens above I cut my subscription to that fancy toilet paper years ago. I thought the euthanasia movement was about helping those with incurable, terminal, painful diseases to end their constant suffering. As always, the devil is in the detail and the slippery slope is far steeper than you think.

At their core, it's not just the terminally ill and suffering, it's anyone and everyone. Suffering from depression, tired of life etc, there ya go, kill yourself. Boyfriend or girlfriend dumped you, there ya go, kill yourself. Made a mistake, feel bad, there ya go, kill yourself. Wife left you, kill yourself. What next, encouraging those who are old to kill themselves, doing it for them perhaps?

What's coming in the future, an abortion and euthanasia center all in one, come to kill off your unborn baby and if you feel terrible about it, hey look, you can kill yourself to make up for it, half price! Even better, get the taxpayer to fund the whole thing, it's good for the environment too, yay, every one wins.

Something ain't right folks, all this promotion of death, ending of human life. Is this the world we want, one where it's real easy to kill yourself or those you don't want.

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