Hussein reveals his inner dhimmi!

LiveNews - President Barack Obama on Thursday granted immunity to CIA officers involved in tough terror interrogations as he released graphic memos detailing methods approved by ex-president George W Bush. ......"This is a time for reflection, not retribution," Obama said.
Reflection? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Sounds a lot like, those past actions were terrible, but we won't punish the evil-doers for their heinous actions, but we will ensure that these past evils are never again repeated. Oh and what a wonderful person I am for doing this. I'm surprised he isn't putting together some committee of leftwing parasites to administer compensation to the terrorists and their families. It's only logical, if he's so sorry, he should make up for it.

Anyway, let's have a look at what these horrendous methods were that those CIA officers were carrying out, when they were not eating dead babies in the basement of the White House with former president Bush, that is. If you have any children nearby, please send them away, these horrors are not for their feeble souls.
The documents argued that a long list of coercive techniques did not equal torture as they did not amount to the infliction of severe mental or physical pain. Detailing methods used to question Al-Qaeda terror suspects, the memos reveal the use of dietary manipulation, forced nudity, facial and abdominal slapping, and the use of confined or "stress positions". In one technique known as "walling," interrogators could push a suspect against a false wall, so his shoulder blades made a slamming noise and make him think the impact was greater than in reality.

The memos also showed interrogators asked for a ruling on whether placing a harmless insect in a cramped box with Al-Qaeda terror suspect Abu Zubaydah - who had a phobia of the critters - amounted to torture. The technique "certainly does not cause physical pain" and therefore could not be termed as torture and should be permissible, one of the memos said. Similarly, techniques included waterboarding or simulated drowning, walling and sleep deprivation also fell short of torture, the memos said. Another memo details a 'prototypical interrogation,' which begins with a detainee stripped of his clothes, shackled, and hooded, "with the walling collar over his head and around his neck".

Human rights groups reacted with dismay to Obama's decision to shield interrogators from prosecution. "The Department of Justice appears to be offering a get-out-of-jail-free card to individuals who, by US Attorney General Eric Holder's own estimation, were involved in acts of torture," said Larry Cox, executive director of Amnesty International.
Oh the horror, how ever will we sleep now, they put a bloody cockroach in a cell with a terrorist, oh the horror! The horror! The horror! They slapped the terrorists around a bit! The horror! The horror! The horror! They deprived them of 3 hot meals! The horror! The horror! They push a terrorist against a wall! The horror! The horror!
In a statement, Obama said the tactics adopted by the administration of his predecessor "undermine our moral authority and do not make us safer". He said he was releasing the documents to avoid "an inaccurate accounting of the past," which would "fuel erroneous and inflammatory assumptions about actions taken by the United States". ....."The men and women of our intelligence community serve courageously on the front lines of a dangerous world," he said.
You know what would help them Hussein, if you could be so kind as to let them know exactly what it is they're allowed to do to these scumbags to get some info out of them. The wiffle-waffle about courage and all that are all well and good but they're all useless when you're trying to get info out of a scumbag you can't even touch.

Screw it, why don't we just close Gitmo down, bring home the US Army, disband the Navy, put the CIA and all that on welfare. If you can't even put a scumbag into a room with a cockroach, how can you shoot the fellow, how can you jail him, how can you even handcuff him? Heck, the way things are looking now, you can't even give a jihadi an angry stare because some human-rights group will come running to call for your ass in a noose and Hussein will be hanging you out to dry.

Bloody hell, why don't we just open the borders up then, scratch my earlier plan to disband the Navy, just make them ferry all the jihadist scum from wherever they are over to the USA. Then put them all up at the Sheraton and the Four Seasons, the jihadis that is, and supply them with fresh virgins, semtex and flying lessons every week. I'm sure there are enough idiot leftist women out there yearning to make up for all the horrendous evil that was visited upon jihadis by those nasty Conservatives. Make up for the lost moral authority and make America safer!

How about turning the White House into a mosque Hussein, come now chump, you can't waffle about tolerance and just leave it at that. Saying sorry, asking folks to cover up Christian symbols and forcing them to pay for killing off the unborn isn't good enough Chump. Prove your tolerance and dhimmitude.

Jimmah Carter just woke up and found his honorary title as worlds terrorist bum-boy has been usurped. And I thought our Prime Minister was a clown!

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