Another Day In Sydney.

Well, not exactly the City centre, but near enough for the rest of us.

Fewer police...

THE police force has revealed a secret proposal to amalgamate commands, six months after it denied those plans were afoot.

The number of commands will be cut from 80 to 70 - all believed to be in Sydney - but the force has refused to reveal further details.

Commissioner Andrew Scipione said no stations would close but that it would "reduce management numbers", "increase flexibility" and "put more police on the street".

His spokesman would not answer further questions as to which commands would be amalgamated or when the process would start.

Former police commissioner Peter Ryan tried to amalgamate the commands in 1999 but came under heavy criticism with the plan aborted by then police minister Michael Costa in 2001.

The force revealed the latest attempt last week during pay negotiations with the NSW Police Association.
"Under their plan they will lose 50 Inspectors, whose positions will be taken up by constables.

"We are bitterly disappointed that … the best the government can come up with are a series of mean and crude cost-cutting measures."

Shadow police spokesman Mike Gallacher said the reduction in commands was simply about cutting costs and would reduce the service to the community.

"This adds to the public servant positions they've already cut from the NSW Police Force in the last 12 months, placing additional pressure on our cops to perform duties normally conducted by civilian personnel.

"But there is no way in the world they can cut the number of Commands without cutting service levels at the same time."

Youths loving the ganglife...

GANG life was the theme of his MySpace page and "gangland" would be the style of Hilel Merhi's death at a friend's 21st party.

He was shot several times from close range with a handgun after two hooded men crashed the party at Merrylands.
A woman who was among the 100 guests said there didn't appear to be any argument.

"They just shot him and ran out before everyone started screaming," she said.

The victim, 26, described himself on his MySpace page as a "straight, single and athletic hustler, earning $250,000 a year".

Considering that some groups here in Australia don't believe in fighting one on one, this is not a surprise, either:

A YOUNG father was stabbed and savagely beaten to death with a baseball bat by a mob of up to 15 people who turned on him in Sydney's south-west yesterday.

Wayne Boyce, 23, from Bonnyrigg, was set upon in Trevanna St, Busby, just after 3am.

The father of two infant boys had driven to the address after a friend, known as Joel, called him for help when the angry group turned up at his house, The Sunday Telegraph reports.

Neighbours said they awoke to the sound of smashed windows, as members of the group shouted for Joel to "come outside".

A car parked in the driveway was also badly damaged by the men, who had allegedly come after Joel for reasons which are still unclear.

It is understood he had called Mr Boyce, a long-time friend, who at first dismissed the problem, saying he should just tell the men to "go away". Eventually the dangerous situation became clear and Mr Boyce rushed over from his home in Bonnyrigg.

His brother-in-law, Mohammed, said the moment Mr Boyce arrived at the Busby address and got out of his car, the group turned its anger onto him.

He attempted to escape, but was stabbed in his lower back and fell to the floor where his killers continued to bash him with bats and metal poles.

Paramedics were called and attempted to revive him at the scene, but he died a short time later from his injuries at Liverpool Hospital.

Police yesterday formed Strike Force Harney to help track down his killers, who had fled the scene, and forensic officers and local detectives later secured evidence.

Authorities said the trouble had occurred as a result of an altercation between "two groups of men" outside the home.

Friends and family gathered at the home of Mr Boyce's parents, just metres away from where the attack occurred, to offer support.

His girlfriend, Casey Tyrell, 19, was too distraught to speak yesterday, but her mother described him as a beautiful soul who should not have died in such a senseless way.

"Wayne loved my daughter and my daughter loved him," Sharon Tyrell said.

"She loved him so much."

She said it was incomprehensible why he had to die.

"It was just a fight - they didn't have to bloody stab him," she said.

Police continue to appeal for witnesses to come forward with information or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

I have no doubt that footage from this scene will appear on liveleak or youtube at some stage, complete with poorly spelled gloating.

Of course, with the police having arrested two suspects, I'm sure that there will be a huge buzz, and with much fanfare, sfa will probably be accomplished.

The offenders, or perpetrators, may be formally charged, may go to trial, and may get off with a slap on the wrist for affray.

The idea that some cultures amongst our multicultural paradise might be partial to violence of the terminal kind is not to be spoken of because that doesn't quite fit the preferred paradigm, and heaven help those who might speak out against it.

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