For the love of..... Just shoot them already! - A FRENCH warship patrolling waters off East Africa as part of an EU anti-piracy force has intercepted a pirate "mother ship" and arrested 11 gunmen, the French defence ministry said. The frigate chased the pirates 500 nautical miles (926km) east of the Kenyan coast after tracking them overnight from the scene of a failed attack on a Liberian-registered vessel, a spokesman said.
Good on the French, but now what? Since we all know there aren't any balls amongst the west to just shoot the bastards and blow their ship to pieces, this is going to get complicated and very, very expensive. Where will they be tried, which courts, back in France? Court costs, lawyers fees, you can't expect them to defend themselves can you, all costs money. Will they be jailed during the duration of the trial, what if some leftist wants to bail them so they can coddle the noble savages and try to make up for past ills? If they're found guilty, where will they serve their time, who will pay the costs of that, food, clothing, healthcare, education etc. If they're not found guilty, then what, can they be sent back, and to where, Somalia, who will take them, who pays for that?

You're dreaming if you think lefties in the western world aren't going to cry about their human rights and how can't you send them back to Somalia, give piracy a chance etc. They'll be put on welfare for the rest of their lives, now if they're innocent or later once they've served their jail time. And don't even entertain fantasies of capital punishment. In most western countries, you can murder and eat hundreds of small children and they won't execute you, let alone a few savages claiming poverty, western injustice, racism and all that if they have any brains.

Far easier and cheaper if they got all the info they could from the pirates and then blew them out of the water I say. Not more jelly-spined tactics like these. - .....The commander of US naval forces in the area affected by Somali piracy, Vice Admiral William Gortney, hinted earlier this week that manning merchant vessels with armed guards could prove an effective solution. But many observers have warned against the potential for violent escalation.
Talking too much sense that American fellow. Apparently a lot of these ships have guards, unarmed guards. I'm surprised that they're not armed, isn't it common sense to carry weapons when you know your attackers are armed? I mean, you don't bring a knife to a gunfight, have you seen those savages and what they're armed with, this is like bringing knitting needles to a war.
"I don't agree with this solution.... You can't just start wiping out pirates or suspected pirates because a few shots were fired in the air," said Nick Davis, head of Anti-Piracy Maritime Security Solutions. Arming ship crews is counter to the industry's traditions, and depending on a vessel's port of destination and flag, firearms may be illegal on board.
So what did the ships of old use to fight these shitbags back in the day, did they fend them off by throwing loaves of bread and old apples at them or something. What bullsh!t tradition is he talking about? I tell you one thing, if they keep going like this, they'll be continuing a rather unpleasant, expensive tradition of paying pirates protection money.

At the very least, they need to put armed guards on these ships with orders to shoot any unauthorized scumbag that tries to board the ship. If a pirate is wounded or captured, it is up to the crew to dispose of them as they wish, toss them back into the sea for all we care. If the laws don't allow it, then change the bloody laws.

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