I'm The Hatter

With the TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Parties all around this nation today, I decided to have one of my own.

For an hour and a half - from 1730 to 1900, AFTER work - I marched solo in front of the Butte, MT courthouse in a wind-chill of about 18 degrees with my T.E.A. sign that said:
"You can't SPEND your way out of DEBT!"

The court house - with the Korean War Memorial - is right beside a building that houses the local offices for testor and baucus, the dem Senators for Montana.

(I like how the "For Rent" sign is in the office-listing box out front.
Kinda fits, ya know?
And yes, that's snow in the bushes - melted some today, we had a couple inches yesterday.)

By just
sheerest coincidence, my timing just accidentally happened to coincide with a city council meeting, where the local (ALL leftist) political hacks had to walk past me as they went in....... It was all completely unintentional, of course.

One of them actually walked up to me and said, "Nice sign".
I told him the logic was inarguable, and he nodded.
I told him it was time for the government types to remember that THEY work for US.
He said, "That's me."
I replied, "I know."
He said, "We're trying."
I said, "Try harder."
...he walked away, then......

...and I got more honks and thumbs-up than middle finger salutes from the people who drove past....
Somewhat surprising in this bleu-cesspit of a burg, but then, a lot more people are pissed-off than not.

And, since I was the only one there, I guess that makes me the Hatter at my TEA Party.
Maybe I truly AM mad, but I swore to defend the U.S.Constitution a quarter-century ago, and I've never renounced that Oath.......

{My wife gets the credit (blame?) for the pix, since she took 'em, then she went home.
...it was a mite chilly, and the kids needed dinner....}

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