Now they can and they will

Daily Mail - Somali pirates have brazenly hijacked four more ships in the Gulf of Aden today - hours after President Barack Obama vowed to step up the fight against them. Undeterred by the recent clashes with France and the U.S. that left five bandits dead, the pirates attacked the MV Sea Horse today, Nato officials aboard a Portuguese warship said. The officials said the nearly 5,000-tonne Sea Horse was flying Togo's flag and was seized by gunmen aboard three or four skiffs. The pirates also seized a Greek ship last night and two Egyptian trawlers.
You see they have little to lose, so what if a few of them were shot dead, the ones that are captured are sent off to New York to face fine courts with good food and lefties yearning to free them and coddle them. Either that or they're given first-class medical attention and dropped off somewhere in a healthier state. They know the western world doesn't have the balls to push them out onto the plank or throw them in the sea, ain't gonna happen, the west is looking for an excuse to walk away and promise to fight back at the next incident.

Talk is cheap hussein, actually open the can or go home and keep focusing on the first-mutt or something. That seems to be what passes for headline news these days. The real issues seem too hard for the western world, too tiring for us. Too bad the worlds gangsters won't go away.
China Daily - The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) said on Tuesday it will withdraw from the six-party talks and restore the nuclear facilities that have been under disablement process. The DPRK will not fulfill any agreement reached in the nuclear talks any more, a spokesman from the DPRK foreign ministry said in a statement, in response to a UN Security Council presidential statement on its rocket launch. He said that the DPRK will bolster its nuclear deterrent for self-defence purpose.
In a way this is a good thing, hopefully the six-party talks that have achieved sweet bugger-all will now be turfed and everyone can just face the reality that it was all just a farce, a waste of time and some poor bastards money all along. At least now it's all out in the open, only the scrawny, old prick in Pyongyang has any balls, when he said he'd launch his rocket, everyone warned, threatened, huffed and puffed.

He called everyone's bluff and launched it anyway, he was right, the pansies convened another useless meeting, exchanged feelings and whined about it. He knows it'll just be more of the same from the west and it'll be painless admonishments from his allies.
......Shortly after Pyongyang's declaration, the Russian Foreign Ministry said it could "only regret" Pyongyang's decision to quit the six-party talks. ......The South Korean government will "take a calm manner" in dealing with the DPRK's "threats," a South Korean foreign ministry official was quoted. ......China has said it disapproves of the United Nations adopting any new resolution on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) rocket launch, and is opposed to any new sanction against the DPRK, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said in Beijing on Tuesday.
The likes of China and Russia have nothing to fear from Kim, he wouldn't dare piss-off China or Russia, unless he doesn't mind being impaled with his genitalia stuck somewhere else. This is a test for the west, one that we will fail. The gangsters of the world saw us for the puffed up pansies we are. They know that we don't even have the balls to string up a couple of savages in the middle of nowhere. Where the hell are we going to muster the will to take on a nuclear North Korea from!

The one fool who has the means, which is a far cry from the will, is just itching to give up even that. Now that I think about it, Beijing and Moscow might be in a conference call with Kim as I type this. 'Kim you dumbass, that halfrican was about to start giving up his nukes, now you went and gave him a reason to grow a pair, you should have waited!'. Kim - 'Hey, I got scumbags to feed and keep loyal here, I'm telling you he'll fold, he doesn't have the will, just tell the press it's America's fault and the useful idiots will do the rest.'
China Daily - In a measured break with a half-century of US policy toward Cuba, the Obama administration lifted restrictions Monday on Cuban-Americans who want to travel and send money to their island homeland. In a further gesture of openness, US telecommunications firms were freed to seek business there, too. But the broader US trade embargo remained in place. ......Cubans welcomed the changes but said more should be done. "It's help that the people really need," Fermina Gonzalez, a 46-year-old housewife in the leafy Havana neighborhood of Vedado, said of the ending of limits on money sent by Cuban-Americans. "Right now, we have to work lots of jobs just to make ends meet."
I'm thinking another Mexico folks, third-world craphole with many of its citizens working illegally in the U.S. sending money back home inadvertently relieving the pressure on the Mexicans back home from reforming the reason for their 'craphole' status. So now thanks to Democrats and RINOs, Cubans can work in the bastard USA, send money home to Cuba and let the commie scum over there off the hook from having to actually do anything to improve the lot of the peasants.
Taking the other side, three Democratic lawmakers wrote in a letter to Obama on Monday that his decisions would have "devastating consequences." They said the Cuban government takes 30 cents of every dollar in US remittances that enters the country as a usury fee.
So they can use American money to further crush those who dare to oppose them. Isn't it funny how communism is supposed to bring freedom and prosperity to the masses, but there's always a need for state-thugs to beat that smile onto your face. Way to go Hussein, I'm sure the old scumbag in Havana will follow your example and give his slaves a bit of freedom. Just don't check in a few years to see if it actually made any difference.

I know it hasn't occurred to them yet because the consequences haven't actually set in, but I wonder if the morons around this planet who supported Hussein's campaign will ever look back and think, it may have been a sign of trouble when the gangsters, terrorists and all manner of scumbags were rooting for, 'Yes we can', Obama back in 2008. Because they sure can now.

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