Don't forget to bill the moron

Daily Mail - The 32-year-old leapt over bars at Berlin Zoo during the bears' feeding time yesterday. Despite six zookeepers' efforts to distract the four predators kept in the enclosure, the woman was bitten several times on her arms and legs. The brave keepers eventually managed to push the bear away and pull the woman to safety.

......It is not known why the woman pulled the dangerous stunt but she initially appeared to be elated as she swam towards a bear in the enclosure. It is not easy to access the enclosure, which is surrounded by a fence, a line of prickly hedges and a wall. ......She was taken to a hospital for treatment where she is now recovering after undergoing surgery to heal her wounds.

MK - Maybe, the fool watched one of those Disney movies where bears and other carnivores hang around with rodents of varying sizes and never actually kill or eat any other animals, like they do in real life. Maybe she thought it was one of those vegetarian bears that had to leave its home because of global warming and just wanted a hug! Either way, can someone ensure the fool is charged the cost of her healthcare.

You see it too don't you? Come on, you know what I'm talking about, you didn't come down in the last shower, you know it's coming. It's the world we live in now, I'm sure some lawyer somewhere or some whiny scumbag somewhere will be pushing to sue the Zoo for not preventing the stupidity of this woman. And you know that you can't rule out a court somewhere agreeing with her against the Zoo.

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