Leftists, pirates, jihadist-loving Brits and porn in international politics

News.com.au [Australia] - PRIMARY school students are being told abortion can be "a relief" and hormones make you "feel sexy" on a website endorsed by Education Queensland. Outraged parent groups are demanding the State Government immediately withdraw its endorsement, warning the website is inappropriate and even dangerous for pre-teens. But educators argue it is a valuable, fun tool that helps children entering their teens learn about their bodies.
It never ceases to amaze me how people continue to vote for leftist government and then when they find that these leftists simply do not have their children's best interests at heart, like all the available evidence suggests, they're suddenly shocked and outraged! Honestly, where the heck do people think children start out from, leftists have always pushed to knock off as many unborn babies as they can and for some strange reason enough morons out there think that lefties really care about their children and won't use every opportunity they get to foist their morally-bankrupt ideology upon them. When they're not trying to have sex with them that is, no really, I'm not making it up.

Moving on to another area of repetitive moronic behavior in the hope that different results will be magically produced.
News.com.au [East coast of Africa] - SOMALI pirates seized ships from France, Britain, Germany, Taiwan and Yemen, defying world naval powers by prowling further out in the Indian Ocean to target victims. Ransom-hunting pirates equipped with skiffs, guns and grapnels took five ships in 48 hours, the two latest today targeting a British cargo ship and a Taiwanese fishing vessel. At least 17 ships and more than 250 hostages are now in pirate hands.
Only one way out of this, put aside your wiffle-waffle about human rights, lawyers, courts and all that crap. Catch a bunch of these scumbags, line them up, throw some pigs blood into the sea to get the sharks going. Shoot the lot of them and toss them over to the sharks and 'accidentally' leak the video onto Youtube and repeat until the savages in Somalia discover the rewarding life of subsistence farming. Alternatively, I'm sure many readers will be able to come up with various ways of shooting or blowing these scumbags out of the water, I'm open to many creative and painful (for the pirates) ways to deal with this vermin.

I know it's hard to stomach for your average squeamish westerner, so to win popular support i suggest a pirate tariff be introduced and displayed on the prices of goods sold to customers. A few months of actually paying a bit of money yourselves to the savages in Somalia ought to rid everyone of their 'noble' savage fantasies.

Speaking of fantasies and morons. Though in this case, I doubt very much that the scum involved are stupid, I think they know exactly what they're doing.
Israel National News - The government of the United Kingdom admitted a Lebanese Hizbullah member and a Belgian Muslim Arab anti-Semite to address a forum in the House of Commons last week. This week, the Home Office reversed itself, as the Hizbullah representative claimed a PR victory for his organization. Hussein Al-Hajj Hassan, a Hizbullah representative in the Lebanese legislature, and Dyab Abou Jahjah, an Arab nationalist and Muslim fundamentalist from Belgium, were invited by Labour MP Jeremy Corbyn and Respect MP George Galloway over two months ago.

The pair were asked to take part in the founding of a London branch of the International Union of Parliamentarians for the Defense of the Palestinian Cause. Corbyn claimed his invitation of Jahjah and Hassan was intended to "promote dialogue." A Home Office source was told News of the World that the Home Secretary was preparing to ban Jahjah, but "by the time officials had completed the paperwork he had already arrived."

Dutch MP Geert Wilders was banned from entering the UK in February, with the British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith writing that his "statements about Muslims and their beliefs, as expressed in your film Fitna and elsewhere, would threaten community harmony and therefore public security in the UK." ......Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said, "There seems to be absolutely no consistency in the decisions that the Home Secretary is taking."
Ah but you see folks, you're under the impression that these sumbitches actually aren't terrorist-coddling Jew-haters, so it seems inconsistent. But when you stop and let yourself accept what all the evidence points to, then suddenly it's very consistent isn't it. Terrorism supporting Jew haters are welcome, Whitey saying it like it really is, sorry NOT welcome. His banning will always be timely, no paperwork hold-ups or bureaucracy to waddle through. When it comes to some real extremists, they're too busy checking out porn at the taxpayer's expense.
Daily Mail - Visitors to a Home Office website looking for information on anti-terrorist measures found themselves offered a very different kind of web-experience today. Hackers changed a link on the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism's website, meaning visitors after information on a minister advisory service found themselves looking at a Japanese pornographic website. Red-faced Home Office officials had to make a hasty change to correct the link after it was pointed out to them by the media.

......U.S.-based reporters had been given a special phone number by the White House to join a conference call with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - who was in London - ahead of the Nato summit. But instead when they rang they heard a voice asking: 'Do you have any hidden desires? If you feel like getting nasty, then you came to the right place'. It was later found out that a White House official had mistyped the phone number, leading to a bashful apology.
What a surprise to hear that last bit, it seems the buffoonery of the Hussein Obama administration is just getting started. Does anyone know what's happened to slick willy, quick someone check on the interns please.

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